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Physiology and Pathophysiology

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This article is talking about the new treatments and technologies that are available to aid in hearing. Of late, there have been advances in hearing researches which have shown that many people and more especially in developed countries like America are exposed to risks of loosing their hearing mechanism. This is brought about by working in noisy environments, diseases or even ototoxic drugs. Some causes of hearing difficulties are not easy to pinpoint and even aging can also lead to loss in hearing.

There is the holy grail of hearing research which is out to restore hearing loss caused by damaged inner ear hair cells. Researchers have come up with an option that, introducing new cells which will behave like young cells with the ability to develop into cells of different types can assist restore hearing. This can be done through surgery. With noise induced hearing loss, N- acetylcystine (NAC) an antioxidant compound has been proved to reduce incidence of hearing loss by 25%. It is believed to neutralize toxins and helps injured tissue to repair itself and prevent other injured cells from dying. This lessens permanent deafness which is likely to be caused by noise (Fisher & Pfleiderer, 1992).

Another possible solution is the use of electrical stimulation inside the ear. This will restore and improve hear loss. This technology has been existing since the late 1800s and is working on well. The technology has assisted even those who are totally deaf by implanting an electrode array into the cochlea and then connecting it to an external audio processor to assist them hear.

Tinnitus is another hearing condition where one hears phantom noise like hissing; hear ringing and clicking of sounds when these noises do not actually exist. This can be a serious condition to an extent of interfering with one’s daily activities. The treatment for this condition include; relaxation music, use of neuromonics device which reduces the effects of tinnitus (Fisher & Pfleiderer, 1992).

With the new technology that has come up and that which is on the way, the future is promising for those experiencing hearing challenges and more especially the deaf.


This is a good article as it is giving hope to those experiencing hearing problems due to various causes like noise, ototoxics, aging and medical problems. The problem of hearing is so common today and many people are loosing great opportunities in life because of not hearing. With the new technologies that are in existence today and those upcoming, lose of hearing is not going to be a problem any more in future (Roesser & Ballanchanda, 1997).

Individually I have handled many individuals suffering from hear loss. Some of them are potential people that can bring great changes to the world but this condition limits their abilities. One of my high school teachers had to give up his profession due to loss of hearing. He was staying near a paper industry that was so noisy and he did not know that he was endangering his hearing. With time, he lost his hearing and resigned his job. His family went back to poverty because he was a widower and the breadwinner. His children could not access basic needs like food and clothing. They also dropped out of school. When he heard about the digital hearing aids, he tried it out and by good luck he could hear once again but with assistance of machines (Roesser & Ballanchanda, 1997).

It will be a good idea to not only assist these people with hearing aids, but to completely assist them get complete hearing in their systems. Wireless connectivity is turning the hearing aids into complete hearing systems and if this succeeds, we will have assisted the deaf and those experiencing hearing problems so much (Roesser & Ballanchanda, 1997).

Everyone experiencing hearing problems could like to be as mobile as any other normal person who can deliver and receive communication freely without problems. As a change agent, I can encourage our governments to support all those struggling to develop technologies of assisting the people experiencing hearing problems. For those experiencing these problems, it is good to seek medical advice as soon as possible before the condition worsens (Roesser & Ballanchanda, 1997).

Buy custom Physiology and Pathophysiology essay

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