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Pandemic in America

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The modern society in the United States is well prepared to tackle any pandemic that may break out at the earliest stage possible. The researchers in the center for diseases control have set up strategies which would help the health department to respond quickly to the threat of an outbreak before it spreads far into the society. My supporting the motion is triggered by the recent bird flu outbreak and the speed at which the out break was contained by the health department of the United States.

An outbreak of a pandemic is dangerous to both the in effected and affected individuals and has serious negative effects to the country as well. These negative effects include; deaths of the affected individuals, stigma in the social environment, and economic downturn due to the heavy financial capital that government utilizes in order to curb the situation before it spreads too far. The effects are unacceptable and that is why reinforcement towards containing the situation is put in place (Prevention).

In contrast, the opposing individuals also have the right to be in their position. In December, 2005, avian flu outbreak in Cambodia and Vietnam was viewed to have had affected the government of the United States which had the required reinforcement to curb the pandemic. However, it took about two weeks before the government said anything about the situation which at the time had spread to far into the society affecting large population of those nations. This may have shown that United States may be slow to take action in the case of a pandemic yet tit has the required reinforcement to fight back the pandemic. But, the slow action does not imply that the s country is not well prepared for an occurrence of an epidemic(Steinhardt,p.98).

Another reason which has facilitated me to supporting the argument is the methods of pandemic containment that are used by health practitioners in the country. In case of any pandemic outbreak, health practitioners respond quickly to the pandemic but there is a common formula that is used to curb the situation.  The first step is to give medical attention to the infected individuals. The medical attention in this case includes special treatment which is done in evacuated locations whereby patients response top the medication is seriously monitored. This helps in the analyses of the seriousness of the pandemic and the gestation period of the viruses causing the influenza.

The second step and the most important is the investigation to the source of the pandemic.  Here, the medical practitioners use the first patients as the main tool for the research methods. Patients are interviewed in order to get the information about the earliest symptoms of the pandemic, and also tested so as top get the main source of the pandemic whether a virus or an influenza. This helps the researchers to know the gestation period of the viruses which in turn gives the information about the rate at which the diseases can spread in the society in the society. This helps the researchers into making the reports which calls for the necessary speed to be applied in order to curb the situation before it spread to an uncontainable situation.

The last step involves the research on the characteristics of the source of the pandemic. At this point, he researchers need to have found the pandemic carrier and now they have to find the habitat and the necessary environmental conditions for the survival of the same. If the virus happens to be unknown to humans, necessary matching concept is applied to the virus and the known virus which are almost similar in nature.  The findings made will have stated the cause of the pandemic, the habitat of the causing organism, mode of transmission whether respiratory or contact, and the method of containment (Association).

At the outset, the methods which are applied sin containment of the pandemic include creation of unsuitable environment for the organisms in the patient’s body as stipulated in the research findings. After the success of curing the in effected individuals, the researchers get back to the working on the vaccinations which would be used to completely eliminate the pandemic from the society. In the United States this is done by health researchers in the center for diseases control (Ali,p. 65).

In the United States, the research on the vaccines to be used against an epidemic is an involving process which takes a longer time while the containment method is still underway in the fields.  Scientists in the research process in most cases grow virus for the anticipated vaccine in large vats which have cultured animal cells. This takes a longtime to mature thus delaying the realization of the complete control of the epidemic. At last, vaccine is found and given to the unaffected individuals to prevent the spreading of the epidemic.

The United States health practitioners are the most reliable in the world. In case any other country in the world experiences an outbreak of an epidemic which may seem to be complicated, affected country calls for the involvement of the United States researchers. The government sends heath researchers of the center for diseases control to carry out research on the epidemic and help to find methods of controlling the same.

In addition, the world health organization also uses health practitioners from the country in the effort to control diseases and epidemics in many places of the world. This proves the United States to have capability of controlling an epidemic which can affect the citizens at the earliest time possible. In case of the outbreak of an epidemic, the government still proposes the evacuation method of affected individuals from the society as a way to curb the situation. The formula was supplied in the event of the outbreak of H1N1 flu which is the most recent epidemic to have reached the United States.

More also, the federal government has made emergency funding to restore staffing at health departments. This is taken to be one of the measures of preparedness of containing an occurrence of an outbreak of an epidemic. Also, special nurses have been recruited and trained in the methods which can be used to control the situation. These nurses have been distributed to local health facilities where they are mandated to take charge to rare cases of illnesses reported to the health facilities.

The health department also has put measures of epidemic control into place. In case of an epidemic, quarantine is the first response put in place by the department. The method is said to be the most effective since the epidemic cannot reach too many of the unaffected individuals in the country.  After the quarantine, public awareness campaigns are put in place and at this step the moving individuals in and out of the country undergoes medical test at the points of clearance in the airports.

In conclusion, the United States health department is the rated as the most effective in the world today. This makes many countries to rely on the services of the United States government in the efforts to contain the epidemic.  The federal government has strengthened the capabilities of the health departments by ensuring that they receive enough funding which would enable them to cater for the epidemic outbreak. I support the argument that United States is ready to control any epidemic that outbreaks in the country.

Buy custom Pandemic in America essay

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