Custom «Nursing» Essay Paper

Custom «Nursing» Essay Paper

Nursing has always been a profession that required proper knowledge and good practical skills. Proficiency of a nurse is more than just effective execution of one’s daily tasks and duties because proper care and physician’s assistance may have great influence on patient’s treatment and recovering. Thus, nursing education is about teaching future nurses the basics of their duties and implementing up-to-date knowledge in order to avoid mistakes in their future practice. Technology assistance and support in modern medical universities in this sense help achieve the desired level of education, when a nursing student both gains theoretical knowledge and trains his or her skills in various practical situations. This paper is about to explore some personal aspects of technological support during nursing education as well as provide various resources one needs while creating a health teaching project in a public high school. The abovementioned appears to be of critical interest to the nursing students, as well as teachers, because it shares personal attitudes and proposals of a contemporary medical student.

Modern technology assists nursing education in several ways: providing new information about genetics and genomics; supplying with less invasive and more accurate tools for diagnosis and treatment; implementing 3-D printing to substitute bones and body parts; using robotics and biometrics and providing revolutionary methods of treatment; and keeping electronic health records that make patient’s data easy to store and analyze (Huston, 2013). Of course, not every medical education institution has abovementioned technological advances, but the tendency for general update in terms of teaching modern treatment methods and technology remains strong. From my personal experience, the things that assisted me in studying as a nursing student blend theoretical knowledge and practice. Modern electronic libraries make available studying and analyzing of the numerous nursing practice cases worldwide, from caring and life support to the studies of various ethical problems and solutions. I am sure that the availability of various medical data in electronic format makes it easy to reach and study, which lowers the quantity of malpractice cases among the future nurses. Modern laboratories provide reality-simulating treatment cases that make it possible to apply knowledge in the nursing sphere for practice. In such conditions, nursing students practice their skills on modern equipment, which also helps avoid possible future unprofessional conduct. Thus, I agree with the experts who assure that modern technological solutions today can reduce repetitive tasks, offer more proficient use of space, improve the setting of care, supply with various resources, and by these means improve safety and efficiency (Huston, 2013). The abovementioned factors also support every nurse as a life-long learner in terms of supplying nursing specialists with up-to-date medical and caring data and equipment.

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One of the requirements for the future nurses during a Community Health Nursing course is a conduct of a health teaching project in a public school. The conduct of the project consists of several stages, the primary of which is gathering material. The latter needs the analysis of certain medical resources that contain recent information on the selected subject. For instance, if the project is connected with informing students about a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy food and increasing exercising, one is to analyze medical resources discussing nutrition and fitness. One of the important resources in general is a National Center for Biotechnology Information. It is a website containing a huge number of academic studies in various spheres of medicine that can be used as a source of verified statistic information. Among other sources, one can name Free Medical Journals, which can also be used for gathering both statistic and theoretical information. Science Daily, in its turn, is a source of various information presented in the form of the online journal of non-academic style. It has a section connected with medicine that can be used for illustrations or presenting material in a captivating manner. The abovementioned resources are useful in terms of blending data of academic and non-academic styles to achieve goals of providing actual information and supporting student’s interest.

Summarizing the presented information, one can ensure him or her that modern technology greatly assists nurses in their medical practice. Various technological inventions bring new conditions of caring and treatment, supporting nurses with latest theoretical materials and various equipment. Thus, one of the tasks of a contemporary nurse student is to develop self-studying skills. Such skills will help him or her in future perspectives as a lifelong learner. Among modern advances of medical technology, one can also name various digital magazines and electronic libraries containing academic information on modern nursing practice and treatment statistics. Such electronic storages greatly assist nursing students in conducting of their projects, from local university projects to community informing programs.

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