Custom «Medicaid Requirements for Florida and California» Essay Paper

Custom «Medicaid Requirements for Florida and California» Essay Paper


Medicaid is a program that involves all the federal states that aim at providing health insurance to people of low income. The aim of Medicaid is providing medical services to people who cannot afford. The federal government provides the funds required to finance the program. These people include children, adults, people with a disability and pregnant mothers whether single or married. It also covers services in nursing homes for people who qualify. However, each state runs its on Medicaid programs, and makes policies on how the program should be managed.

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In Florida, children below the age of 18 years, their parents or guardians are eligible for Medicaid if the family’s net income does not exceed the set income limit and the asset worthiness are below $ 2000. However, eligibility for Medicaid for the child in California depends on the Child’s status and not the status of the parent or guardian. This means a child qualifies for Medicaid services even if the guardian is rich. Therefore, the uniting factor in the two states is that eligibility for Medicaid requires that the child to come from the family of low income and resources.

In California, any pregnant woman, whether married or single s eligible for Medicaid. In addition, the Medicaid eligibility extends to both the mother and the child if the Medicaid covered the mother. Considering Florida, the pregnant women can also apply for Medicaid.  Although, in Florida, Medicaid is packaged into categories ranging from the prenatal care, which partially coves for the pregnant woman for the short period, fully coverage for pregnant women, and regular Medicaid coverage.

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In Florida, parents and guardians can apply for Medicaid on behalf of their children, provided their children are below 19 years. However, parents’ application is possible if the children are living in their homes, or the family income is under the predetermined limit. This is the case in California, though one can apply if the child is sick to the point that he will need nursing home care, and could enjoy quality care at home. In addition, California State allows a child living on his own, to apply for Medicaid on his behalf, or any adult.

In both California and Florida states, they consider people of 65 years and above eligible for Medicaid. This is subject to limited income and resources for the individual in question. In both states, blind people receive the same treatment when it comes to Meddicaid eligibility. The blind is eligible for Medicaid provided they have limited income and resources. The disabled living in nursing homes and could live in their homes if given quality home care are eligible for Medicaid. The Medicaid eligibility is allowed to people in both the states, if the person is suffering from chronic diseases. In both California and Florida states, Medicaid is provided to a noncitizen in the case of emergence. The aliens are required to prove that indeed it was an emergence situation. However, the rules of classifying situations to emergence may vary from states to states depending on the rules that govern the classification of emergence situations.

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Despite the difference that is apparent between the eligibility for the Medicaid, there is a similarity in the way the rules applies. However, a similarity of eligibility seems to concentrate on the low income and resource levels that the person is required to meet. Both of the states focus on the individual’s age whether pregnant, the level of income, is he blind or aged. However, in California and Florida Medicaid is a particularly significant program of providing affordable health care services to those who could not meet the basic health requirement.

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