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Legalization of Marijuana and Other Drugs

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Marijuana/ Indian hemp or cannabis sativa is a widely known plant that has not only raised many controversial questions, but also developed into philosophical issue. Most nations across the world have banned the consumption of this substance while others use it as a delicacy during their meals due to its supposed medicinal value. Others still don’t see why the marijuana consumption should be banned (probably the users of marijuana). However, the following document is an essay that satisfactory seeks to explain why marijuana consumption should be banned either for medicinal or recreational purposes.

The chief reason as to why marijuana should be banned is because its medicinal value causes similar diseases. Those who assume or believe that marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes are wrong because marijuana causes diseases rather than healing them (Earleywine 78). For example, why should a doctor tell someone that marijuana treats HIV/AIDS or cancer? They overlook the impact of the product in the long run. For example, after counseling a HIV/AIDS patient regarding exposure to virus (post-test counseling) giving them a substance that destabilizes their brains is equal to exposing them to the virus. As a result, they will lose their self-control and go back to their old behavior exposing them to more HIV infections. Moreover, marijuana is said to treat brain cancer but causes lung cancer. Doctors hold that smoked marijuana is effective in healing brain cancer and other chronic diseases. However, it should be noted that smoked marijuana is not processed in any industry thus; it contains all the natural chemicals that may be harmful to the consumers (Jenkins 102). Research indicate that these natural chemicals cause heart and lung complications. Therefore, what use is the medicine that infects the patient with same the disease? Does it fulfill its purpose honestly? Are patients out there trying to make doctors or the medicine producers rich? Is it in order to sacrifice other people’s lives at the expense of making profits?

Moreover, marijuana is highly addictive. Therefore after administration of the dose, the consumer will be addicted to the drug. Consumers will go on abusing the drugs even after their diseases are healed. This is because marijuana is an addictive. Thus, the patients will have to spend more money buying more of the drugs that they do not need. Those who stop using this drug always develop depression, sleeplessness and anxiety (Earleywine 60).

Marijuana also threatens the existence of humanity. Apart from causing deaths (as a result of lung cancer) and unconscious behaviors that make one lack sense of pain, marijuana also causes infertility to those who consume it. Therefore, if the governments globally legalized its consumption, all those who consume this siubstance across the world would be infertile. Thus, in case of death caused by lung cancer (both for smokers and passive smokers) or natural deaths, it will be the end of human existence (Kamin & Morris 67). This is because they will be unable to reproduce thus as they die Moreover, the consumers no one to replace them and this shall mark the end of human existence.

Those supporting consumption of marijuana say that using it causes excitement thus makes an individual happy. However, consistent consumption of marijuana always leads to depression in the consumers. Conyers (98) asserts that the depression results to isolation and at time results to development of criminal behavior. From the unconsciousness and lack of pain, the consumers develop into some sort of machine. This explains the reason to why they are prone to criminal behaviors. Thus marijuana kills the social behaviors in its consumers.  Therefore, consumption of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes should be banned in order to promote humanity, morals and social nature of human beings.

Buy custom Legalization of Marijuana and Other Drugs essay

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