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Human Variation

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There are certain ways in which the polymorphic traits affect existence and reproduction ability among human beings.Some of them are instrumental in developing a resistance to some diseases, while others are lethal. In the case of the sickle cell anemia,the variants are capable of surviving in a given population due to its ability to reduce malaria. This is because the heterozygote has the ability of resisting malaria. However, individual who are homozygous for the recessivesicklehemoglobinhave a short lifespan.This trait is advantageous in that it creates a balance between the standard HgbA for malaria and the homozygous sickle cell victims. Therefore, the heterozygote has a higher fitness with the existence of malaria.

Blood type O is another type of the polymorphic traits that affect human existence and their ability to reproduce.This trait is susceptible to cholera infection and other diarrheal diseases, nevertheless, those with blood group AB are resistant to the infections. As a result, individuals belonging to the blood group O are exposed to cholera infection than those with other blood groups. This calls for individuals to take necessary precaution in order to curb the risks involved in the situation. Another polymorphic trait is the G6PD (Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase) which is involved in malarial fighting. Despite its minimized viability, G6PD alleles are with low activity are at high level in malaria prone regions.

In conclusion, existence of these genes is also affect reproduction in that most of them are inherited. Therefore, parents transmit these traits to their off springs who either suffer or benefit from the m. for instance, a child whose parent has the recessive sickle cell anemia is resistant to malaria, but is likely to die. Therefore, these traits have both positive and negative effects on the human evolution and reproduction. They help a population face the challenges posed by parasitism and infections.

Buy custom Human Variation essay

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