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Deerfield Hospital Supply

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Deerfield Hospital Inc is a non-union company that deals with healthcare services and is located in the Midwestern parts of the United States (Scott, Dorval & Treffinger 2000). The company has fifty employees comprising of different races. They include African-Americans, Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. The company employs both men and women to serve in different capacities in the company.  

Diane Jackson is the newly appointed operations manager in this company when it is facing several managerial problems. This paper highlights problems that the new manager is facing during her daily operations in the company (Scott, Dorval & Treffinger 2000).


During Jackson’s first weeks of employment in the Deerfield Hospital Inc, she identified several problems that affected managerial programs of the company in a number of ways. The first problem in the company is that the supervisors, which her former manager left in the office, had not enough knowledge in dealing with employees. The former manager appointed them because of friendship or being senior in a particular area.

There is a problem regarding employee motivation in the company. This makes most of employees have negative attitude towards their management office and other employees. Workers who have negative motives towards their managers and their fellow employees may not perform their duties to the expected level. This may be a result from hiring employees without checking their backgrounds. This problem rests in the hands of the former manager who made individual decisions during employment period. It is true that five of the workers that were employed formerly were charged with felony whereby two were imprisoned after determination of their cases by the courts (Scott, Dorval & Treffinger 2000).

Conflict resolution in the company is purely handled in a very unprofessional manner. Some employees resolve their problem through unleashing harsh words towards their offenders. Some of them tend to solve their conflicts by fighting. The employees had a feeling that they had an opportunity to handle their issues in the manner in which they wanted. They felt that there was no need to involve the management in solving problems which they experienced in their working environment. Fighting was one of the ways to solve problems in the company. The former manager seemed to encourage this type of behavior by simply staying in his office and wait for unqualified supervisors to solve the company problems (Scott, Dorval & Treffinger 2000).

The greatest issue that the manager is facing is to reverse the management structure and ensurethat the correct protocol is followed in conflict resolution. Additionally, the entire workforce had already resisted any form of improvement performance wise. The timeline that she is given is quite limited but the changes need to be seen by the top managers.

The scene at the loading dock was not encouraging to any manager who expects to be rated through his or her performance. The cause of this incident is likely to be a poor policy, which existed in the company. The policy allowed workers to listen to music but ignored to put a control mechanism in place. This provided the loophole for any person to come in and demanded to control the type of music other could listen to while working. The person to carry the entire problem is the former manager. On the one hand, he employed people who had behavior problems. On the other hand, the same manager failed to make control mechanisms that could control the workers while they listened to music as they worked. It is also important to note in this context that the former manager avoided conduct with the rest of employees and remained in his office. The employers had taken that advantage to solve their own problems unprofessionally (Scott, Dorval & Treffinger 2000).   

Buy custom Deerfield Hospital Supply essay

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