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Clinical Support Services

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Support services give organization strength to offer its services. Harris County Hospital District (HCHD) is a public hospital that uses various clinical support services effectively. The hospital practice unique management process, which make it, cost- effective. This benefits pharmacy department and large number of patient. The pharmacy department, had a drug budget of more than $ 75 million and more than 27% of residence of  Harris district, receive  treatment here.         

HCHD has a unique formula decision process. Medications selections depend on need, safety and cost- effectiveness. Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee comprising of physicians, pharmacists, dieticians, nurses and administrators are drawn in in the formula decision process. When an additional medication to a drug is a request, the requester must attach clinical trials, practice guidelines, estimated use and pertinent information among others (Henry, 2011). A sub- committee is put into place, and its recommendations forwarded to P&T committee, for considerations. These recommendations can rage from additional to formulary, additional with restriction or remain non formulary. The committee presents its recommendation to the medical board which can approve, denies or modifies the recommendations.

The non formulary process begins when a pharmacist receives a non formula medication for a patient. This includes patient’s information, drug request with dose, frequency and routing, the duration and justification of the request. The pharmacist, then present the request to the pharmacy supervisor who can only approve requests with low- cost impact.

Medical Utilization Evaluations take place in additional of a new drug formula. There is data collection and analyzing by pharmacy specialist who present then to a subcommittee. The recommendations are then forwarded to Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee for approval.  

Pharmaceutical Bids follow several considerations. This ensures most economical bids get approval. These factors include cost of the drug, dispensing data, inpatient utilization, and market share, out patient utilization, patient assistance programs, product availability and purchase history.  Budget and cost effectiveness are also in use by HCDH.

Clinical and healthy care resources are inadequate, but their demand is unlimited. Clinical services should be managed effectively. HCDT is an outstanding example for other hospitals and medical practitioners.

Buy custom Clinical Support Services essay

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