Custom «Bodybuilding and Health in Athletes» Essay Paper

Custom «Bodybuilding and Health in Athletes» Essay Paper

In athletics, the most important aspect of training schedule remains diet. Eating right things increases an athlete’s ability to train, not forgetting effectiveness. Carbohydrates, fat, protein and sugars are the core food groups that offer the body an adequate supply of energy.

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The right percentages of these nutrients in an athlete’s diet should be: 40% of carbohydrates like whole cereals, bread, potatoes and pasta, 40% of fruits and vegetables, 10% of proteins like fish and meat, finally 10% of fat which can be from milk and all dairy products. Currently, sports supplements are available on the market and many athletes have embraced their use because they have believed that they enhance their diet. Most athletes experience drastic changes in their bodies after taking these supplements, therefore, it is advisable that one consults a legal dietician or health officer before using any supplement.

When most people hear about bodybuilding supplements, they quickly think of steroids that puff up peoples muscles in one night. This should not be the belief because supplements play a vital role in health and in enhancing performance in fitness exercises and weight training sports. The setback comes about in finding out the sfe ones to use and the right amount to be taken to in order to attain the intended result. Protein and creatine are among the most vital sport supplements available on the market today. Let us simply look at each of these two.


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Protein supplement is a powder that usually contains: whey protein, vitamins and other nutrients. Whey is very useful to the body because it is easily absorbed. It is better than Soya or egg products and it is most efficient when taken as a solution; for example it can be dissolved in water or milk and taken before going to bed, in the morning and after exercise. It can also be consumed after exercise. Bodybuilders often take it before and after exercising and sometimes in place of normal meals. Protein is very essential for efficient growth and repair of muscle tissue; this being a reason as to why protein supplementation is very essential for athletes, especially bodybuilders to enhance their body mass.


Creatine is an organic acid in the body that helps in supplying the muscles with energy. Most scientists have discovered that creatine reduces recovery time and mental fatigue, improves brain function, and increases energy, strength and muscle mass. CCreatine has an advantage over other supplements and even steroids because plenty of it can acquired in plenty from normal foods like beef and fish.

Creatine is popularly used by body builders and rugby players’ .Creatine levels in the body are easily exhausted if the body is highly active and the body normally takes a long time to recover them. It is for that reason that creatine supplements are recommended for athletes to keep creatine in good levels for their muscles to withstand constant hard work.

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A percentage of the public have raised doubts over the effectiveness of creatine supplements in relation to performance but a great number of researchers have proved beyond doubt that it does meet the desired goal. However, the effects of this supplement vary in different athletes and this is the explanation as to why some are dubious and others are satisfied users. It is not obvious that creatine supplement works out well for everyone. In most cases, creatine makes the body unable to effectively breakdown large amounts of active ingredients. Intake of higher amounts of carbohydrate supplements in majority helps in creatine absorption. The side effects of creatine supplements are nausea and muscle cramps and to avoid these one must take a lot of fluids.

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