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Anticancer Vaccines – a Medical Marvel Yet in Progress

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In the 21st century, the medical world has yet to discover all there is to know about even the simplest condition a human organism can suffer from. However, medical discoveries are made constantly, every year bringing new ideas, theories and procedures to the medical domain. Some of these discoveries have managed to become popular and successful, whereas others are still at the idea status. One of these ideas is the anticancer vaccine, a theory that is bound to change the entire medical domain if successful. However, as many other great ideas, this is also a dream that will only come true with a lot of hard work and expertise.

The cancer vaccine refers to a vaccine that is extracted out of modified proteins from the cancerous cells. There are different ways to approach the production of an anticancer vaccine. One of the most successful so far, at least in the laboratory, is the separation and immunization of proteins extracted from the cancerous cells. The principle is to separate the proteins from the cancerous cells and to modify them in order to immunize he patient against them.

Another approach to creating anticancer vaccines is to generate a local immunity in the patient’s body. The principle refers to the in situ immunization of the cancer, using procedures similar to those used for the herpes simplex virus. This procedure increases the immune response against the tumor, which releases lytic substances that are meant to destroy the cancerous cells.

Probably the worse impediment in the case of anticancer vaccine is the fact that every single vaccine needs a personalized modification, as every single cancer is different depending on the person. In conclusion, the anticancer vaccine is still a high-end medical discovery that needs a lot of work to be done to before being able to be used on people.

Buy custom Anticancer Vaccines – a Medical Marvel Yet in Progress essay

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