Custom «African Americans Perception about Diabetes» Essay Paper

Custom «African Americans Perception about Diabetes» Essay Paper

Diabetes is an incurable disease that can be effectively managed if correct measures are taken. Some of the measures include early diagnosis, proper dieting, and increased awareness on the risk factors. Even though such information is vital among Native Americans who have risen up against the odds to fight it, African Americans are still lagging behind on it. Diabetes has been related to a luxurious lifestyle that most African Americans may not have a privilege to. This has hence made them not to seek early diagnosis or rather seek awareness on the same. They believe that it is impossible for them to acquire the disease, as they are not into luxurious living as their fellow natives. The few that have been diagnosed with the disease are always treated as terminally ill and hence not being given the assistance they need. They face stigmatization as they are left for dead. Such stigmatization has prevented some who may suspect to be infected not to seek medical help.

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            In order to facilitate such awareness programs among black Americans, it is important for awareness campaigns to be held on the entire black population. Issues such as the disease being hereditary rather than just luxurious lifestyle should be made clear to them. They should also be informed that the disease is manageable and the sufferers can be helped to live longer healthy lives. The issues of the disease not being infectious should also be clarified to minimize on cases where such patients are isolated. Most African Americans are ignorant about diabetes, which makes them not to get involved in its campaigns. It is about time that proper information about the disease, how it is acquired, and the safety measures that should be taken to prevent infection, should be addressed. They should also be encouraged to take the tests so that they are given more information on how to remain healthy depending on the results.

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