Custom «Application: The Selection Process» Essay Paper

Custom «Application: The Selection Process» Essay Paper


Nowadays, personnel are supposed to be a key value of each organization. In fact, efficient and high-qualified employees are crucial for health care organizations. Most of the modern concepts of human resource management are based on recognition of the increasing role of the individual employees, their expertise, knowledge and skills to deal with the challenges facing the organizational performance. The abovementioned issue shows that each health care establishment searches for the best method of the employee selection to assure the high quality treatment of patients as well as efficient performance of the organization. Thus, the paper provides an overview of the employee selection process at Veterans Hospital. The paper analyzes the selection steps that have been taken to fill a position of the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN).

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Selection Process Overview

The selection of the staff is supposed to be one of the basic HR techniques. In fact, the selection process implies the integrated HR technology aimed to ensure the compliance of the professional and personal qualities, skills and characteristics of the applicants with the requirements set in the job description and job specification of APRN within the Veterans Hospital. The specific feature of the selection process at the Veterans Hospital implies the usage of the group interviews as well as the personality tests to assess the professional and personal qualities of the applicants.

Actually, the applicants are selected for the position taking into account such aspects as their professional skills, personal qualities, the level and profile of the previously received education and training, as well as professional experience as APRN and relevant expertise (Johnson, 2009). APRN ought to be an integral element of the VA Hospital in terms of offering of the medical services to the patients Hence, the job specification of APRN requires the applicant to posses the specific certification as well as master’s degree in nursing in order to ensure the availability of the advanced skills and knowledge as compared to other nursing specialties. In fact, an efficient APRN should be able to correspond to the following job requirements:

- to assure the efficient management of care for the groups of the patients and individuals (Taylor et al., 2011);

- to adequately dispose the resources for medical tasks;

- to provide consultation related to the health care issues;

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- to effectively diagnose and develop treatment plans;

- to assure the evaluation and management of the patients’ documents among others (Draper & LaDou, 2011).

The job specification evidences that the group interview provided by HR managers of the VA Hospital helps to asses not only professional qualities of the applicants but also define their ability to work in a team, which is quite important in the ARPN practice. In addition, personal interviews can help to define the personal characteristics of the applicants. The experience of the previous APRN selection showed that among 30 applicants 20 corresponded for the position of APRN based on the professional characteristics. However, only 5 of them have been hired by the VA hospital based on the results of personality testing. Both selection steps are conducted by human resource managers (HRs). In fact, the above procedure helped the HR manager to define the applicants who will be able to perform their duties and responsibilities within the organization efficiently.

Thus, the two-stage assessment in the selection process assists to define a full range of professional and personal qualities of the applicants. In this way, a positive result of the group interviiew allows an applicant to pass the testing phase of the personality assessment. Testing can be psychological, professional as well as psycho-physiological and intellectual. In each case, a special set of tests is developed which correspond to the requirements of a specific position. Testing can be conducted in a single day or several days, individually or in a group to make sure that measurement of the qualities that are important for a particular position are accurate. The aforementioned process shows the efficiency of the employee selection at VA hospital. Therefore, VA hospital is recommended to follow the existing practice as none of the problems, such as rushing, stereotyping, “like me” syndrome among others have been noticed during the selection process. In other words, the existing selection system at VA Hospital should not be modified. Contrary, it can serve as an example of the efficient HR selection system valuable for other establishments.


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Through the constant development of the professional and personal skills and acquisition of the new knowledge, applicants for a position of APRNs become more competitive in the labor market and receive additional professional development opportunities both within their organization and outside it. This issue is particularly important in the medial sphere due to the rapid obsolescence of the professional expertise caused by the development of the new technologies of treatment. The paper provided the overview of the employee selection process held at Veterans Hospital. In fact, the paper analyzed the selection steps that have been taken to fill a position of APRN. Based on the discussion, the two-stage process of the employee selection can help to efficiently evaluate not only professional but also individual characteristics of the applicants for the job. The selection process practice at VA Hospital can serve as a vivid illustration of efficient HR selection system for other institutions to follow.

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