Custom «World Literature (The Art of love)» Essay Paper

Custom «World Literature (The Art of love)» Essay Paper

It is very essential that individuals learn how to relate with each other particularly in matters regarding love. If at all persons are to live with innermost peace of mind and satisfaction, they have to accept that love does not come as easy as it may seem since hard work has to given priority. Men for instance have to put determination in their attempt to win the love of a woman since it is evident that few will obviously turn them down. Love is a feeling from within while sex is the stolen passion that ladies as well men desire to have since even the most reluctant of all individuals still tends to have a desire for it.

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This paper aims at analyzing the meaning of love, sex and marriage. It attempts to show the relationship between the three terms with regard to the association between individuals. In a brief overview, the work scrutinizes the end results of love, sex and marriage. The relationship between the three terms is clearly shown by the work in a detailed form. In relation to sex, men’s libido is visualized as being milder, as compared to that of the heifer that lows to the bull, or the mare that whinnies at stallions. There are set bounds in a man’s sex according to the work since incest for instance is viewed as an abomination that should not even be thought of. This paper gives two main instances of luring a woman and they include making her oyful before attempting anything on her and when she has been miffed by her rivals. Individuals are discouraged from seeing themselves as superior from others since they, like other human beings have their own shortcomings.

Love is a well that quenches our lives wholly. It is a necessity to all without which no one reaches the utmost goal of our lives. Our entire lives revolve around satisfying the urge for love. Love is irresistible and it fails not in its pursuits. Men and women who go in search of love in determination in the opposite sex always find it.

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Sex is a crucial ingredient of love, which becomes a fruit of a satisfying affection, that is built upon true foundations of trust. Its therefore an affair of love that involves sharing of the intimate feelings for one another between a male and a female who are bound together through affection. This aspect is viewed differently among males and females. A full grown love affair brings forth a desire of togetherness that calls for a lasting union of the two lovers. This union is known as marriage.

The three aspects inter-relate in such a manner that, when a male and a female get bound together in love , their relationship calls for intimate union based on trust.  Love for instance is expressed as a species of warfare; it is very sensitive and apparently requires to be fed thus relaying the message that lovers should at all costs avoid nagging each other.  If one aims at making love to endure they should not rely on looks since they turn out to be deceptive. The key to receive love from a woman is to avoid being plain on words and telling the woman what she wants to hear. Courage is an essential trait for those aspiring to love since trials and tribulations are many in love affairs.

Sex relates to love in such a way that it steams up passion between two individuals and in the process they end up satisfying their innermost desires. Persons should strive to ensure that they fulfill the desires and passions they have for the other party. A higher sexual drive is experienced in women when compared to men and thus women take the pleasure of being approached by men.

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Partners should not engage in sex when they are in marriage and neither should they base it as a law.  The sole purpose of sex is procreation and the continuity of the human race. True rest for those in a love affair basically comes through marriage. Conditional love should be mindfully avoided by those in marriage so as to give unselfish love. It is indeed evident that a close relationship exists between the terms love, sex an marriage. Love and sex comes at an earlier stage and once courtship sets in between a man and a woman, the eventual action is marriage.

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