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Waste Land

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The ‘Waste Land’ is an American poem by the author T.S. Elliot which is described as one of the most beautiful and revered arts of literature of the 20th century. It was published in the early 1920s and despite its recondite and obscure status; the poem still drives the message home. This is attributed to great literal skills possessed by the poet, he is fond of using allusions which move way ahead to make the poem obscure, however he states eloquently that the only way to find your way through poetry is through exploring.

‘Waste Land’

The popular poem begins with a section called ‘The Burial of the Dead’ all through the poem the author artistically paints out a picture of a troubled human being in a modernized desolate world. The poet describes the seasons of the year, this take him back in his memory to a time in Germany when she was romancing with a hyacinth girl, this leaves him surrounded by a desolate world stony and full of rubbish. This is logically the waste land.

According to my understanding of this obscure literal text, some of the other physical settings used by this poet include; his act of remembering a mere fortune teller, who had earlier predicted that he, was the drowned Phoenician sailor. We can see this affects the message of the text as it enable the poet to explains to us why he was to fear death by water and also how he found himself on a London bridge. Another possible physical setting is where the poet moves abruptly to a gilded room, here she finds a lady with a lot of jewel, very first it then moves down to find two women gossiping. This affects and influences the message carried by this poem as in a very short time spun, the poet tries and succeeds in showing the difference between the low and high caliber in the society. The jewel-bedecked lady represents the high and mighty while the two gossiping women are a replica of the poor.


The poem though very deep and full of allusions, is a masterpiece of its own kind. It successfully drives the point home however it might be very boring for one who doesn’t posses the exploring spirit.

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