Custom «The Devine Comedy» Essay Paper

Custom «The Devine Comedy» Essay Paper

Devine Comedy is a descriptive poem of Dante’s imaginary journey. On his journey, Dante realizes that he is on the wrong path. At the request of Beatrice, Virgil, a Roman Poet searches for Dante. After finding Dante on the eve of Good Friday (year 1300), he guides him through his pilgrimage to look for God. It is in this pilgrimage that Dante passes through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. As Dante and Virgil enter the wide gate of Hell, they find wrong doers being punished for the wrongs they committed while on earth.

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            In Hell, every sin is punished accordingly. These punishments are justified since sinners committed grave mistakes.  Of importance to note is the fact that sinners are punished accordingly. From circle one to circle nine, the sinners include lustful, hoarders, wrathful, the violent, the fraudulent, traitors among others. The violent for instance are punished severely due to the graveness of violence. The violent against God are punished by rain of fire, a show of the weight of their sin.  The violent against nature are punished in the River of Blood. This justifies the ‘eye to eye’ and ‘tooth to tooth’ say. If an individual sinned against nature, then he is punished by nature. The mode of punishment is therefore justified.

   &bsp;        As mentioned earlier, Dante’s Hell is designed to suit sinners in accordance with their magnitude of sin. In the upper circles of his Hell, Dante has sinners whose sins included violence, wrath and lust among others. The upper and much more evil circle include those characters whose sin included lies, deceptions, treason among others. Though this design of heaven may seem backward, it is consistent with the Greek and Roman thought. They believe that violent offenders are not in same class as liars and those who commit treason.

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            Dante depicts Hell as an inferno, a place where sinners are punished. This is the perception of many people about Hell. I also concur partially with Dante’s design of Hell. While Dante designs his Hell to suit different categories of sinners, I believe that this is not right. Since all wrong doers are equal in the sight of God, all sinners are meant to be treated in the same manner in Hell. Dante could have designed a Hell that has all the sinners accorded one category and similar mode of punishment. 

            The following world renown personalities are chosen for the circles; Osama bin Laden (planned attack on innocent American citizens), Moammar Gadhaffi (bad regime of governance in Libya), Alexis Flores (kidnapping and murder of five year old girl), Eduardo Ravelo (wanted for monetary laundering activities in USA), George W. Bush (led war against Iraqis), Yahgnesh Devani (arrested in UK for forgery in Kenya), Mother Jones (America’ most dangerous woman) and Strauss-Kahn (lustful IMF chief).

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            I comfortably categorize myself in the circle of limbo because I can only get to hell because I wasn’t baptized. Strauss-Kahn qualifies to be in Circle Two, the lustful. This follows his sexual assault of a hotel worker in New York. Greedy Moammar Gadhafi of Libya does not want to surrender power to the protesting Libyans. He therefore qualifies for Circle Three, the gluttonous. Yahgnesh Devani, a million dollar hoarder in Kenya qualifies for Circle Four (Hoarders). Circle Five (wrathful) has George Bush who believed in going to war with Saddam for retaliatory reasons. Circle Six (heretics) has Osama bin Laden who believes that killing Americans is a Holy War. Circle Seven (Violent) has Alexis Flores for murder and kidnap case. Circle Eight has Eduardo Ravelo who is wanted for fraudulent deals in USA. Finally, the last Circle (Nine) has Mother Jones, a woman perceived to be the most dangerous in USA. She links with non-citizens to rob her country.

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