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The Art of Losing

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All these years, man is still a captive of his emotional outburst when someone or something is missing in his life.

The lines of Elizabeth Bishop about losing should always remind us. “It’s evident the art of losing’s not too hard to master thought it may look like (Write it!) a disaster”.  In a column in New York Times written by Daphne Beal, she presented two situations of losing. Her mother lost her wallet with a passport on it and she thought she had lost her backpack with laptop. What is interesting is how she reacted on the two situations. At first situation, when someone in our family losses something due to pick pocketing or misplacements of objects, scolding them or telling them that they are such careless is not a good thing instead, understanding their situation would be a better thing to do. Understanding that the one who losses has nothing to do with it. He has no control on it thus it will happen to anyone of us. T       On the second situation, Beal’s showed the negative effect of not mastering the art of losing. If someone abruptly flares – up in case of losing a thing, she may make a disastrous scene which may embarrass her a lot. The way I see it is that when you lost something, think of a more positive thing that happened or will happen. Bursting out in public is out of the options. If you loss it, look for it in possible places it might be in but if its nowhere to find then let go of it and plan the steps to take to replace what has been lost. As Daphne Beal wrote, “Lucky as I’ve always been in my life, I lost something, too”.

Buy custom The Art of Losing essay

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