Custom «“The Alchemist” is Successful for a Reason» Essay Paper

Custom «“The Alchemist” is Successful for a Reason» Essay Paper

People are fond of The Alchemist because they love fairy-tales, and this novel resembles one. However, besides the bright and interesting plot, the novel is full of philosophical ideas. These ideas seem to be simple, but people do not think about them in everyday life. I think that this novel is so successful because the ideas that it contains are rather insightful, and a reader can easily connect them with the events in his or her life.

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According to Coelho (1992), people believe that there are moments in their lives when they are no longer in charge of what is happening (p. 10), and Coelho condemns such an attitude. I agree with the author’s view, and I can provide a big number of examples to support it. If to take my friends, I often notice that they have a habit of giving up. One of my friends, Leo, has been single for a while. However, he is dreaming of being in a relationship. I have noticed that in reality, dreaming is the only thing that he does to succeed in finding a girlfriend. Basically, the man seem to wait till a beautiful girl knocks at his door and they will live happily together. Naturally, there is no sense in waiting for a miracle,so he could at least go out to meet someone. My friend Helen has the same attitude towards work. She says that she wants to find a job, and she complains that she cannot do it, but her complaining has last for a year already. She believes that she cannot find a job because she is unlucky. However, luck has no connection with laziness.

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Coelho (1992) states, “Everyone, when they are young, knows what their destiny is” (12). Then, the author adds that after a while, people start to doubt that they will be able to achieve the desirable. I think that most people would share this view because something similar has happened to everyone, including me. When I was younger, I was dreaming about many things. For example, I wished to be successful, and I wanted to be respected. I do not know why, but in my dreams, all of it came to me when I was very young. Now, there are times when I become scared because I realize that years pass, and success is still far away. It makes me doubt whether I will ever achieve it. However, it is crucial to understand that to doubt is normal, but it is significant not to lose faith in one’s own strength.

Coelho (1992) also nootices, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” (p. 12). Many people believe in the existence of destiny, and I am not an exception. I agree that there are certain connections that unite people, and each person’s deeds can somehow influence someone else. I think that if a person’s desire to achieve something is strong, then this person will manage to do it. However, wishing does not suffice – a person must make efforts to succeed in something. For example, if a person wants to become rich, then it is better to start with obtaining a degree or considering setting up a company instead of just having a dream. Everything is possible if a person makes some efforts.

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To conclude, “The Alchemist” contains many ideas that are true for many people. This novel makes a reader think about his or her dreams, and the attitude towards them. When I was reading it, I considered that all people had dreams, but they tended to forget that dreams could come true. This novel reminded me that I had great aspirations as well, and it was crucial not to forget about them. This is the main reason why I believe this novel is so popular.

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