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Romantic Poetry

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In the literary world nature has for along time been considered a significant issue. Different poets have different understandings of nature and this is at times reflected in their works. In this discussion I will discuss two artists of the romantic era, John Keats and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

John Keats as opposed to Coleridge is regarded as a romantic as he worshipped nature and its beauty in his works. In Keats work objects of nature become full of life and of exquisite beauty. However Keats does not only treat these objects as objects without life but rather he creates a personal attachment with them by mixing his emotion in the objects. His work has an expression of personal emotions such as hope happiness, sadness and frustration among other things. A good example is the Ode to a Nightingale in which he expresses the desire to get away from cruel reality which he is unable to bear. He desires to join the nightingale in flying away to the land of his dreams.

Coleridge as opposed to Keats took up the elements of nature and presented them in their natural form. As he possessed a powerful imagination and an exceptional narrative skill he often imagined the most supernatural of things and explained them in the most natural of ways. In his work The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, he gives a description of the life of a mariner and his sufferings for killing an albatross. The main thrust of the poem is the reaction of the mariner after killing the albatross. The bird is a creation of God and by killing it the mariner was guilty of a crime before God.

The major difference between the two poets is from their view of nature. According to John Keats nature represented by the nightingale has no correlation with normal human life as it something beyond the human being. Coleridge on the other hand perceives nature which is embodied by the albatross as something which is relevant in everyday life as the mariners would feed it and play with it. The albatross is described as their only companion in the infinite ocean.

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