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Review of the Literature

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Every manager requires clean, reliable and accurate results and solutions for any kind of complex problem. Manager prefers scheduling and they predict that the scheduling will better the operational performance and give accurate on time performance. Researchers should not look forward to practitioners to implement models that don’t take account of suitable protection cushions .

In scheduling, when managers feel that if protection was not according to planning with careful consideration, managers assigned an additional time to each and separate task. In other words a manager gives concealed time to each task. In this regards, the managers have to bear the cost and they do not get much outcome from protection for which they are investing. Initializing was lost and slowness accumulates, which is a distinctive Parkinson outcome.

Managers needs to consider the desires of the customers, Most of cases the customers desires for quick and earliest delivery of certain products then managers requires to make the efficient planning and re-scheduling to review the customers orders and try to complete on due date as much as possible. It may be helpful to plan dummy jobs as order holders for imperative developing work such as obliging significant customers, to keep away from the need to violate due dates of genuine customers.

The optimal service level creates a great impact in the range of stochastic model. It is likely to become accustomed the notion of optimal service level (ability of service) to due date location, and to employ the similar model . Stochastic programming was appropriate for interpreting and carefully analyzes the acquisition plan from every perspective.  Stochastic programming model was a combine mathematical model which actually reviews the strategies in order to make the environment certain and clear. It helps managers to allocate the resources with optimal decision and find out the great strategies which makes and environment clear. The managers of the company should categorize and make a effective decision to create a potential strategies in the business and wipe out the uncertainties which are creating troubles in the environment. The manager should rectify the uncertainties regarding Product demand, prices and technology and Walkup and Wets.

Bloom elaborates this model and aimed for minimizing the overall cost which incurred at various steps of production and maintenance of any thing, by minimizing the cost the demand of each and every period should me met and it should not create a problem and removes all the constraints and the effectiveness and reliability of production and operations system should be enough high to maintain the company standards and industry capacity.

 Borisone described a stochastic programming model and gives the idea about the technology optimization in order to avoid the unnecessary cost which was incurring during the process and gives a better amount of saving output within which a company can purchase more technologies in order to generate the effective production and avoid the uncertainties. The overall objective behind the process was to minimize the total cost which was incurring during the process and managers should enable the process which makes the system effective and ensuring that its will reduce the total cost and uncertainties in the environment.

In past researches the researchers were only using the method of how to evaluate a optimization criteria to reduce the overall total cost, their focus was only on particularly reducing the cost and simultaneously they were not focus on the issue of reliability performance, in short they were ignoring that idea. Then they came to know that the best solutions and optimal scheduling policies require both the minimization of the cost as well as the reliability in the process.  There were different factors and characteristics for both the cost and reliability and both characteristics were equally valuable for minimizing the cost function and optimizing the stochastic schedule. Sometimes when managers were trying for minimizing the cost they were also facing the problems of optimizing the stochastic scheduling and as well the reliability was also low.

 Then they analyzed that each process and components have their own different characteristics for cost functioning and optimizing the scheduling reliability. So in this regard for minimizing the cost function and increasing the operation performance requires equal efforts and both should be measured simultaneously.

Dekker has reviewed the many articles on the concept of optimization models. The author has described the role of stochastic optimizing model and the reduction of overall discounted cost and also figures out those points which are actually creating hindrances in the optimizing schedule and cost reduction. The author has analyzed the broader scenario of optimization with the presentation of 54 articles and clearly focuses on the optimization and cost cutting process. Aven and Dekker described the conceptual notion behind the idea of optimization and applied a different analysis for the measurement of optimization frame work and cost minimization function and give a rational decision in order to overcome all the problems and presented a way to improve the reliability in the overall process.


Goel  represented a model and described the important ideas regarding the optimization model, the author also commented on the framework and design the way to identify the best optimal schedule and cost reduction function and applied this function to each and every step in order to increase the reliability on process. Raouf and Ben-Daya (1995) elaborated the strategic approach to define the optimization procedure and drives the idea that actually can remove the uncertainty from the environment and improves the performance of the overall process as well as the reliability and efficiency of the overall management process and designed approach which measure the whole effectiveness of the system and provide a methodology and areas of management that needs to be improved.

An optimizing strategy describes different tasks and it emphasis that these tasks should be complete within given time frame at a minimum cost and review the current situations which specify some action to be followed by managers. Optimization strategy elaborates the tasks that should be assigned to staff and that should be completed at a gives time period and shows the effectiveness and reliability in the process. Let’s suppose the strategy should properly implemented to a staff and remind them to be completed as soon as possible with the spending of less time and get a longest return in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. The optimal scheduling strategy should be well defined and minimize the cost duration of the work as much as possible and reflect a positive work while scheduling and reducing the overall discounted cost Neumann.

The stochastic model describing more and more clarity about the task and utilization of the capacity and it helps to achieve the outcomes within due date and time. In stochastic scheduling the main interest was to create the efforts to utilize the maximum capacity and fulfill the requirements of the data. In order to meet the requirements of the data the variability in the process should be removed. The objective is optimal scheduling and cost reduction in process. Further, stochastic scheduling needs much more information to clarify more factors of the process and these factors leads to a maximum utilization of sources with less input of cost. The authentic way of optimizing the schedule will produce power full information about the system.

To make this clear more, there should review the deterministic model and by reviewing this model the researcher can identify the variation in the process and by eliminating these variations the researcher can implement the model correctly and we can identify the uncertainty in the work and activities. In order to setting due dates and arranging and booking the requirements of the customer the time is necessary to be reviewed otherwise we can lose the reliability in the overall process Cheng T.C.E.

Stochastic Scheduling related to main function of the expected reliability and cost calculation, the calculation of overall cost total cost which is incurred when tasks were assigned to team at specified due dates. The Stochastic programming and Robust Optimizing are main important factors of any process. The dissimilarity between both is very necessary each one is playing its own important role in activities and making the system better. Thus optimal scheduling is great tool and by using this researcher can achieve their goals and we can make the reliability in the system by completing the entire task on due time and date

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