Custom «Poem for the End of the Century » Essay Paper

Custom «Poem for the End of the Century » Essay Paper

Poem for the end of the century by John Haines revolves around the issues of the 9/11 attacks. The author largely dwells on the theme of unity and friendships. This is because the presence of people from the Middle East in the United States is not fully accepted by the natives. This is because there is a general perception that the people from the Middle East are assumed to be largely similar to one another and virtually different from the people from the West. The author examines how the people of the Middle East are perceived. He looks at the reasons as to why they are viewed in that specific way. The author widely bases his issues of orientalism on the twin towers attacks in 2001. The author notes that orientalism is largely accrued to the presence of the people of the Middle East in the USA. However, he seems to agree that the USA cannot remain uniformly tied to the relations and encounters it has had with the Middle East. This is because they have also proved that they can be dangerous (Haines 25).

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The persona also wishes he was living the life of a nightingale. This is because it has nothing to worry about. It has no stresses such as death. It lives its life happily without any distractions because all it does is sing. He is completely convinced that death is the only way out of the misery he is going through. He is confident that if he dies he will have nothing else to worry about. He wishes he could die while listening to the good songs that the nightingale sings. This would help ease his pain. He envies the bird because it will continue to live without any sadness. There are issues that may be urgent but not equally important. For example, for a student, watching a movie may be urgent because it showing at a stipulated time but it is not important towards achievement of good academic results. According to him, the nightingale will forever remain ecstatic because it sings its songs just like a poet. The only difference is that it does so and does not expect to suffer any pain in the near future.

Eventually, the nightingale bird flies further away from the persona. It is then that he realizes that the nightingale was not born to die. On the contrary, he has no choice. He realizes it is like he has been hallucinating hoping to get the best but was not able to make it. He wihes he could fly away with the bird into space. According to him, he would have nothing to fear or be worried about while he is up there in the air. This implies that we hold ourselves responsible for the decision s that we make in life. We do not always look for excuses as to why things are the way they are. For instance, we do not blame certain misfortunes on the genetic relationships that we have. This is an indication that the outcomes of our lives are based on the choices we make. Unfortunately, this whole experience turns out to have been like a dream. The persona himself remains confused on whether he was actually going through the ordeal while asleep or awake. The bird is gone but the persona still wishes he could die (Haines 3).

The poet has brought out the concept of death clearly. This has been perfectly achieved because of the comparison of a nightingale and the persona. This is because the bird is immortal and has nothing to worry about. It remains happy entertaining those who listen to it for whichever amount of time. On the contrary, human beings have to come up with ways of surviving since their life is not immortal.

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The use of a real life example that is directly connected to the author is also strategic in achievement of her purpose and intention. This is because the reader is able to analyze her message through the author’s personal experiences. This is because the readers are likely to believe in his analysis as he has analyzed them first hand. The choice of subject also plays a major role in passing on his message. This is because it relates to a wide population of the readers. Each reader has something to learn from the author’s work. This helps in achievement of the author’s purpose. He then provides proof of this by incorporating well thought ideas and past facts by authors of similar topics.

The poet’s message is very important to those people that are going though trying experiences. However, his message contradicts general morality. This is because instead of giving them the heart and hope to move on with their lives after the death of their colleagues, he largely concentrates on the issues about why death is the only way out. His thoughts on the issues would be up for rejection by society in general. This is because society values liffe and views it as being sacred.

Therefore, an individual who does not support life would not be greatly appreciated in the society. His ideas would negate societal views. Also, society believes in facing situations as they are as opposed to escaping from the challenges that one faces in life. This implies that it is very important for authors and poets to present their work to the intended readers. This is important so as to prevent any misjudgments or misunderstandings. This will also ensure that there no any misinterpretation of their intended opinions. However, the poet is only speaking his mind and is entitled to that right.

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The author has a great effect on me in the way he makes his analysis. He is keen to deal on facts and not empty assumptions. I am moved on the realization that politics have a great role in the way the entire world perceives the people from the Middle East. He is able to pass on great teachings to readers on making judgments. He says that politicizing the matter of the Middle East could mislead individuals into thinking that these individuals are not human. He notes the importance of basing judgments on factual information. He also talks about the need of giving others opportunities and not always thinking ill about them. However, he is quick to that this does not guarantee that these individuals will always do things the way that we want them to. In reference to the people of the Middle East, the author notes that this was the case during the 9/11 twin towers blast that shocked the entire universe. He notes of how badly such events could damage long lasting relationships between individuals.

Generally, the author’s message to individuals around the world is clear.. They have to act in a manner that depicts the fact that they are willing to be part of the international society. This will ensure that they are not alienated from the rest of the world. It will also ensure that they are accorded the respect and appreciation that they very much wish to have. This will also enhance their position in society and levels of credibility. While working towards this, he cautions fellow authors to ensure that when they report their findings, they should ensure that they base their analysis on facts only. This will ensure that there are no hurdles along the way.

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