Custom «Maya American Writer» Essay Paper

Custom «Maya American Writer» Essay Paper

Angelou, Maya American writer, poet, and entertainer, well acknowledged for her representations as a powerful African American women. In the essay, Reclaiming Our Home Place, Angelou recommends that, for African Americans, the option to go back to the South is a tendency to be claim back” the assistance that our ancestors presented.” As said by Angelou, the South and what it symbolizes for African Americans has modified in the preceding one hundred years.

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According to them, the North symbolizes a possibility to get money off the fields of cotton of the South where their authority had yet to be acknowledged. Angelou recommends that African Americans did not know it but they were separated in the North, and living in exile, they were not reconstructing what had been spoiled in the south but basically winding up and migrating to a position that required no maintenance for the reason that to them symbolized an improved life as compared to the one in the South. For several African Americans, the South started to symbolize their inheritance.

This is where their ancestors had struggled to stay alive, this was their heritage and they possessed it to them to return, and claim it back. There were indentured to be the terible remembering of the people who had gone through these sufferings because of their race, but it was wholly upon them to make use of that fight back as a constructing unit towards their upcoming time of future in the South.

Norris, Kathleen (1880-1966) was an American novelist and journalist born in California. The  book from which this essay” Can You Tell the Truth in a Small Town?” is extracted is Dakota; A Spiritual Geography, and really, right through this reading Norris recommends that land’s physical characteristics have a deep effect on the spirits of the communities she explains.

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This explanation creates the belief that geography has a deep effect on a community and what worth it has. In the book, “Can You Tell the Truth in a Small Town?” Norris searches the nature and responsibility of community life inside small towns. One of the main ideas in this essay is the stressed people living in a small town on the Plains look themselves to be between being a component of their community and having a few liberty and freedom for themselves. A second main idea of the essay inquires the propensity of people of small-town Plains to “make pleasant” or too even over repulsiveness.

Angelou writes the essay to show the migration of people from South to North in search of a better life. Norris migrated to a small town and observed the livings of people there. Both the author portrays the geographical distribution of communities, their thoughts and heritage. Norris explains about the difficulties in telling a truth in a small town all because of those frantic social activities.

Comparing these two essays one thing is clear that is the discrimination of people and residential district based on race or other social problems. People migrate for their better living, but it is not that just so easy to be accepted by people of other communities of a different race and heritage. In both the essays, the common theme is the difference of cultures, communities, heritage and race create frantic situations in a society that tries to stop people to tell the truth and tend them to live accordingly by the set of rules made by the communities of that particular region.

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Kathleen Norris portrays the frantic social influence over the lives of people residing in a small town in America while Angelou explains the migration of people from South to North for the better living but find difficult to settle there due to racial differences. 

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