Custom «“Disgrace” by J.M. Coetzee» Essay Paper

Custom «“Disgrace” by J.M. Coetzee» Essay Paper

Disgrace was written by J.M. Coetzee. Coetzee in his book indicates that political change can never do away with despair. The book continues to assert that political change re-introduces misery to the people. The book has been set with South African post-apartheid background. Political and historical forces have been associated with unpleasant experiences in the civilians with a sequence of destructions.

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My first response to the novel reflected on violence and lawlessness. The mentioning of the politics, I associate with gaining authority or power. This does not come easily and involves clashing of opinions at times leading to violence. Politics is often associated with acts of aggression. This is evident especially in the developing countries. Nations have been shattered as a result of political changes. The typical examples are; Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Algeria, Iraq, Syria and Korea among many countries.

There are various, striking parts of the story. The scene of Michael a Cape Town gardener breaking down to nothing was disturbing. The man finds himself in artificial acceptance of death and life realities. Professor David Lurie a protagonist finds himself in the misery too. Professor David accepts the realties and moves on with life. This Cleary shows how politics can shutter the lives of ordinary citizens and senior citizens. The book continues to state that Life in South Africa portrays brutal dictatorship where threats of punishments and violence are the order of the day; this has been replaced by brutal anarchy indicating a failed government. This is another striking feature. The writer of the book exploits the failures of many states. 

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There are a couple of questions that have run in my mind as I read this story. The first question is: were there no people who could portray leadership? The second question is: were there no human rights bodies? I have found myself intrigued with the character of Professor David Lurie. I’m left wondering how an educated person with substantial brains could have found himself entangled in the political failure. He could have led as an example. David escaped Cape Town in disgrace.

Coetzee has the message of never give up. The book continues to assert that human beings must never let their self-esteem be disgraced to that of a dog. Professor David let the world desert him by moving to the countryside and living with the lesbian lady. He was also involved in a school sexual assault case. This is nott the way to life. The book keeps on demanding the changes that lead to growth and not destruction.

The overall message Coetzee is reflecting; that people to watch out their conducts and live a holy life. Professor David was divorced at an age of fifty two. He was involved in a number of illegal sexual cases that led to his disgrace. The book continues to state that stigma is engraved in the minds. The qualities we portray are a reflection of the thinking. There is the need to think in the right direction.

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Coetzee in my opinion does not offer a hopeful vision in the change. The Book shows a number of disreputable characters; David, Lucy, Melanie and the veterinary attendee who kills the animals in a loving manner. This indicates how the society is immoral and changing is difficult. The book continues to show how human life is reduced to that of animal.

The message of Coetzee is particularly sobering. It is depressing reflecting on the future of South Africa. The human life is reduced to that of animal. The down of David indicates the unbearable circumstances of countries caught in the political chaotic due to racial oppression. This is expressed when David finds himself in trouble with the language.

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