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Dante’s Inferno Dissemination

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The character of Capaneus helps us to understand the psychology of the sinners in hell clearly. His sin is seen through his failure to change his attitude. He says that what he was in life he his in death. What this means is that there is an attitude of defiance in his character, which plunges him into hell. So long as he remains unrepentant, the there is nothing that can change for him. To enjoy good life, one must repent and avoid doing wrong. As long as one is not willing to change, then there is no reprieve except eternal condemnation. We understand that no people in hell were willing to change and can never change no matter how much time they are given on earth.

 In Inferno 19, Dante faces the Third Pouch where the sin of Simoniacs is punished. This is where those who sold ecclesiastical pardon are dealt with. The Papacy, both as a religious and political figure, ends is in this pouch. For one to receive forgiveness, one is not required to pay anything since even Peter did not pay Christ to receive the keys of heaven and earth. Therefore, a just God as is explained in Inferno 19: 10-12, executes their punishment.

  The devil used logic to put Guido da Montefeltro into hell. Guido expected that he would get pardon through lies. However, this landed him into hell. Initially, Da Montefeltro was reluctant on the advice he was given by Boniface to conquer Palestrina. The devil used Boniface to convince him by promising him absolution in advance. The devil used logic to convince him, however, the advice he was given proved to be wrong. Later after his death, St Francis was after him but was intercepted by the devil. The devil argued that a man cannot receive absolution before engaging in sin, since absolution cannot be followed by repentance and repentance cannot be followed by sin. Therefore, the devil regarded himself as a logician, took Da Montefeltro to Minos where he was deemed to be guilty of fraudulent advice. He was later assigned to the Eight Pouch of the Eighth Circle of hell 27: 1-30.

Buy custom Dante’s Inferno Dissemination essay

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