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Dante Alighieri

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La Vita Nuova is a primitive book written in the year 1925 by Dante Alighieri. It expresses Gothic kind of courtly love. Dante met Beatrice when his father took him to a Portnari house for a May Day celebration. Dante was immediately impressed with her and remained so, despite the fact, that she married another man. Following the first meeting, Dante was strongly fascinated by Beatrice. She influenced him a lot, he ended writing La Vita Nuova, he observed God who is more powerful than he is.  The immense love between the two is in a dream where, Dante hears Beatrice saying, “I am your God”.

Virgil represented some things to Dante philosophically and theologically. Virgil symbolizes human rationality. In the middle of the world that is always changing, Virgil helps in providing reason why things are the way they are.  Virgil also helps in highlighting the real problem that Dante encountered in his field of extraordinarily conflicting ideas about science, studies and eventually religion. Virgil symbolizes the first connection between Dante’s conflicting ideas of classicism and Christianity. In the hindsight, of Virgil’s writing about the coming of a teenage boy refers to the reminiscent of the story of Christ, which Virgil could not have known at the time of his writing.

Inferno opens in the evening of Good Friday in the year 1300. Dante being a poet asks the gobbler to remind him of his name, the sinner abruptly is not clear with his words, and he introduces himself as Ciacco. Due to strange language, Ciacco foresees political conflict between blacks and whites. Ciacco explains that the whites will first secure the fight and dismiss the blacks, but the blacks will eventually return in support of the hated pope, defeat the whites, and take the majority of them to exile including Dante. 

Buy custom Dante Alighieri essay

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