Custom «Achilles in Homer Iliad» Essay Paper

Custom «Achilles in Homer Iliad» Essay Paper

Death is a natural phenomenon and something that virtually no man can escape. Death has been described to have several interpretations such as life after this world, permanent rest, judgment time and etc. However, there is no vivid information of what happens after death, since there are virtually no accounts of people who died and came back to life. We all seem to pay less attention to thinking about what happens with the person after death. Still, much thinking was focused on the kind of death the person suffered and the circumstances surrounding his death. From this indication, I would say that Achilles is a personality, who does not deserve my sympathy in the story, The Homer Iliad. As a person, there were several instances, Achilles proofed that death is not an entity to be feared as it was inevitable and bound to happen to everyone. Achilles than was focused on this principle to kill as many people as possible and infringe pain to families. Achilles used to kill so many people that Xanthus, the river god, had to cry for space, because the water had been filled with an abundance of the dead. But Achilles would fight on. Ironically, when Achilles was at the verge of being killed, he prayed to Zeus to save him. Indeed, that was a moment for Achilles to have a fair taste of what he had been putting all those people through. With saying that he who pulls a machete dies from a machete, Achilles did not deserve any sympathy for his evil deeds. Though Achilles escaped death at the hands of the roaring waters, he certainly managed to taste some pain when he lost any compensation for his effort.

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