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Women’s Rights

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The 19th amendment would not have been born if women had not taken a more radical, almost militant approach after the 15th amendment was proposed. Immediately upon the proposal of this amendment, various supporters of women’s rights took divergent views, leading to conflicting oppositions when it came to aspects of the strategies to be adopted in the realization of the 19th amendment. It is against this backdrop that women took a militant approach that succeeded in the form of the birth of the 19th amendment.

The 15th amendment was made in 1870. Both sections of article XV of the US constitutions were to be changed in order to allow for more freedoms relating to voting rights. The first section of this article made it illegal to deny any U.S citizen the right to vote on account of previous condition of servitude, race or color. Section 2 of the amended article gave congress the power to spearhead the enforcement of article XV through appropriate legislation.

The 19th Century history of Women Rights Movements is important in any analysis of the radicalism that resulted in the birth of the 19th amendment. The movement had all the attributes that gave it the potential to address all the challenges that women were facing during this century.

The relevance of the women’s right movement in political terms could not be ignored although it lay buried for many years in the run up to the entrenchment of the 19th amendment in the U.S constitution. The main reason why the movement was ignored by the political class was because it started in the grassroots where media attention was not highly likely and therefore many observers paid little attention to an in-depth analysis of the sentiments raised.

Buy custom Women’s Rights essay

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