Custom «U.S. Policy on Fighting Terrorism» Essay Paper

Custom «U.S. Policy on Fighting Terrorism» Essay Paper

Disruption of any project will definitely affect its outcome. In the same way if the operations of the terrorists can be disrupted then their plans are likely to fail. Bush (2007) writes that the U.S. policy on fighting terrorism is by preventing and disrupting terrorist attacks. This is been effected through so many strategies which are being planned and implemented with a special attention being given to the dynamism portrayed by the terrorist groups in particular the al Qaida. According to Bush (2007), the al Qaida group is still strong and at work, “the group has protected its top leadership, replenished operational lieutenants, and regenerated a safe haven in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas- core capabilities that would help facilitate another attack on the homeland” (par. 10). Actually, by disrupting the activities of the terrorists it will be possible for to it hard or even impossible for them to execute their plans.

To ensure that the terrorist groups, the main being the al Qaida group, are disrupted and prevented from executing their plans the following have been implemented:

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Country Entry Restriction

Since one will need to be physically present, in most cases, to execute a terror activity, it will be a step ahead if such people are denied access to target it will not be possible for them to carry out the intended activity. Bush (2007) argues that the U.S. government has purposed to prevent and deny terrorists entry into the homeland. This restriction equally applies to the terrorist groups and any materials which are terror related (Bush, 2007, par. 11). By restricting the ability of the terrorists groups to travel across the nations and in particular within the borders of the U.S. it will become quite hard fo them to carry out terrorist plans. Their ability to identify, survey, plan and launch attacks are severely impeded.

It has been argued above that the terrorists are adapting creative ways to carry out their plans. Being aware that they might not be allowed to access U.S they will most definitely resort to other channels which will put them on the American soil. Bush (2007) note that the terrorists are quite dynamic and good at exploiting the illicit means to circumvent the border of the United States of America. He believes that it is possible to maintain reliable and efficient flow of people, services and goods at the same time prevent the infiltration of the terrorists into the homeland (Bush, 2007, par. 12). It therefore will be important for the governments to share intelligence on terrorists and also ensure that the borders are well patrolled especially for countries which are terrorists’ targets.    

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Despites all the measures which have been discussed on disrupting and preventing terrorism, it should be noted that they might not be quite effective in curtailing the activities of al Qaida. This is because the group does not proceed as an army but works in a decentralized manner with isolated groups which are coordinated (Bush, 2007, par. 13). That means that the terrorists can even operate and execute their attacks single handedly hence the need for the government to be thorough to the levels of individuals.

Apart from taking care of the people, the cargoes have to be screened to avoid smuggling of tools of terror. There are various types of materials which can be used to carry out terrorism including weapons of mass destruction. According to Bush (2007), the biggest fear has been a possibility of a nuclear and radiological material smuggle into the homeland. This has led to the developmment of advanced methods of screening cargoes at the points of entry (Bush, 2007, par. 13).

Some of the measures which have been taken to ensure that the screening of cargo is done effectively include:

The Container Security Initiative: This provides for the creation of a security regime for the purpose of evaluating and prescreening maritime containers. This is done before they are shipped from the country of origin. The process makes use of automated targeting tools which ensures that high risk cargo has to be scanned first before shipment takes place.

The Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT): This is a controlled U.S. protection program which is implemented at the boarders. Under the program the participating businesses undergo review of the security procedures and come up with enhanced tight security measures for the purpose of ship expediting.   

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Megaports initiative: this program is under the department of energy. Under this program the government of US makes collaboration with foreign countries to help them increase the potential to scan cargo specifically for nuclear materials. The scanning also includes other radiological materials. This is usually carried out at the main entry points.

The secure freight initiative: this is a comprehensive model which seeks to enhance secure delivery of cargoes. The objective is to keep legitimate trade flowing. The model ensures that there is leveraging of shipper information, trade partnership and the government (host) partnership to scan cargoes which are headed to the United States.

The measures above are quite appropriate in curbing attempts which might be aimed at smuggling weapons and tools of terrorism into United States. 

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