Custom «Types of Rapists» Essay Paper

Custom «Types of Rapists» Essay Paper

According to Snow (2006), rapists refer to those people who force sex upon others. Rape incidences are among the most common sex crimes across the world, and many countries are implementing strategies toward addressing the issue. It is extremely crucial to understand different types of rapists before designing and implementing various strategies. This discussion will include various types of rapists, including power-reassurance rapists, power-assertive rapists, anger retaliation rapists, and sadist rapists. 

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Power-reassurance rapists lack the interpersonal skills and self-confidence to develop intimate relationships with women (Snow, 2006). Therefore, a power-assertive rapist looks for a possible way, such as breaking into women’s bedrooms, to have sex. They are the least violent and constitute about 21 percent of rapists. A power-assertive rapist usually uses a weapon in order to ensure that the victim cooperates well (Snow, 2006). This type constitutes about 44 percent of rapists and is the most common. Anger retaliation rapists constitute a unique form of rapists because the perpetrator is out to punish his victims (Snow, 2006). The victim will injure his victims to the extent where they require hospitalization. Anger-retaliation rapists are extremely dangerous, and they constitute about 40 percent of rapists. Another form of rapists who usually injure their victims is the sadist rapists. A sadist rapist intentionally maltreats women for his own intense gratification (Snow, 2006). They may murder the victims while trying to silence them, and they constitute about 5 percent of rapists.   

For the four types of rapists, the offender is a male and the victim is a female. People socially perceive rapists as those individuals who lack the friendly techniques of seducing women (Snow, 2006). The criminal justice system finds it had to detect and capture most rapists because victims fail to report their perpetrators upon threats. Of all rapists, the sadist rapists are the most dangerous because they usually murder their victims in the process of silencing them (Snow, 2006). 

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