Custom «Types of Crime» Essay Paper

Custom «Types of Crime» Essay Paper

Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) data is a reliable set of crime statistics that the United States uses in law enforcement administration, operation and management (Siegel, 2010). The United States has experienced a variety of crimes in the recent times. Such crimes include murder, aggravated assault, forcible rape, arson, burglary, motor vehicle theft, robbery and larceny-theft (Siegel, 2010). This discussion will consider the detailed description of the most common crimes that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has provided as UCR data.

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Murder and non-negligent manslaughter refer to the willful killing in which a person kills another person (Siegel, 2010). The United States use the UCR in the measurement of this crime. Measurement of arson cases involves the UCR data, which the FBI publishes. Murder offenders can be either male or female whose ages range from 5 years to 49 years (Siegel, 2010). Those individuals, who commit murder crime most frequently, are men and women belonging to the age range of 20 years to 24 years old. Most murder victims are eighteen years old or older. Murder incidents can take place in isolated places to avoid interruption. The number of murder incidents is declining gradually (Siegel, 2010).

Aggravated assault refers to an offence in which a person unlawfully attacks another, in order to inflict aggravated or severe bodily injury (Siegel, 2010). UCR is crucial in the measurement of this crime. Measurement of arson cases involves the UCR data, which the FBI publishes. Individuals below eighteen years of age can commit aggravated assaults, but most offenders are eighteen years old or older. Most victims of aggravated assault are adults who own weapons. This offence can take place in a variety of places, especially where the victim is alone. However, the number of aggravated assaults is declining gradually (Siegel, 2010)

Forcible rape refers to the carnal knowledge of females forcibly and against their wish (Siegel, 2010). This category includes assaults or attempts to commit rape by a threat of force. The measurement of forcible rape includes the presentation of the number of forcible rape as the UCR data. Offenders are usually males who are eighteen years old or older (Siegel, 2010). This is because most men become adolescents when they are about eighteen years old. The victims of the forcible rape can be younger than 18 years of age, but most of them are between 14 to 20 years old or older. Forcible rape usually takes place in isolated places, which are poor lit. The rate of forcible rape in the United States is decreasing in a gradual manner (Siegel, 2010).  

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Robbery refers to an attempt of taking valuable properties from the custody, control, or care of a person by violence or a threat of force (Siegel, 2010). Measurement of arson cases involves the UCR data, which the FBI publishes. This facilitates the measurement of robbery cases because the findings provide data for computations. This offence includes juveniles, adolescents, and adults as offenders, but adults constitute the largest percentage because they own dangerous weapons such as firearms. Robbery victims are usually adults who own valuable properties such as; money, laptop, or car. Robberies can take place in homes, on the road or in commercial buildings. The rate of robbery crimes increases gradually (Siegel, 2010).

Siegel (2010) defines arson as a malicious or willful attempt to burn with or without a purpose to defraud, other people’s properties such as; a dwelling house, aircraft or motor vehicle, or other personal properties. Measurement of arson cases involves the UCR data, which the FBI publishes. The local authorities report the number of robbery cases to the police officers who report the caases to the FBI to publish the findings. Most of the arson offenders are men, and 50 percent of which are 18 years old or younger (Siegel, 2010). Victims of arson are usually adults who own valuable properties, such as buildings or cars. In most cases, the basis of arson is revenge or persecution. Arson can take places in various places such as on the road, in commercial buildings and in homes (Siegel, 2010). 

Finally, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny-theft are the property crimes, which involve stealing of other peoples’ properties. Burglary refers to unlawful entry of a building to commit a theft or felony. There has been a decline in the rate of burglary (Siegel, 2010). UCR data show a gradual increase in the rate of burglaries. Motor vehicle theft refers to the theft of a motor vehicle. UCR data show that the rate of motor vehicle theft has been decreasing (Siegel, 2010). Larceny-theft refers to carrying away of properties from the constructive possession or possession of other people. It is evident from the UCR data that the rate of larceny-theft has been declining gradually (Siegel, 2010). Offenders of burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny-theft are usually adults who own weapons such as firearms (Siegel, 2010). The measurement of these crimes includes the presentation of the number of criminal cases as the UCR data. These offences can take place in a number of places including commercial buildings.       

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Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) data has made it possible for the United States to measure the rate of crimes that belong both to the violence crime and to the property crime. Computation on the UCR data enables the federal government design ways of reducing crimes. The rate of most crimes decreases year after year because of various control measures that the federal government has put into place (Siegel, 2010). 

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