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The Special Society

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Advocacy in general terms means assisting or helping the special society in the community to get or acquire the services they need for their living. The most affected special groups in the society are mainly the people with disabilities. This is mainly due to their physical condition that makes them to be ever disadvantaged when it comes to various issues like the jobs or even some social amenities. I feel that the disabled group should be provided with all that they require equally with other people and even be assisted with whatever they need. The disability in someone should not be an excuse to deny someone a job under any circumstances. If at all someone can be able to perform the job required well, then there should be no need of not giving such a person that work.

If at all someone cannot be able to earn or even cater for himself, then it is important for him/her to be assisted with the required care like being provided with treatment or medical care, housing education and even be protected from stigmatization from the society. All this is the work of the government as well as the community. Everybody is supposed to be part and parcel of taking care of these disabled people in the society. In order to make this possible, the governments should form various groups that will assist those people and look after their needs all through. The non-governmental organizations should come out strongly to assist those who are in need of this care. The government should provide with the required materials and equipment that can assist those people to continue well with their lives. The governments should also declare free medical care for these people as well as providing other required amenities like the wheels chairs for cripples, hearing devices for the deaf and other important gadgets that can assist the disabled. There should be free education for these people as well as training that may assist them in their lives. Therefore it is the role of the government to look after this part of the community. The individual’s as well as non-governmental society should also play its part towards caring for the disabled.

Buy custom The Special Society essay

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