Custom «The Federal Bureau of Prisons» Essay Paper

Custom «The Federal Bureau of Prisons» Essay Paper

The states with the highest number of prison gangs include California, Florida, Arizona and Texas. In Texas, there are 11 main prison gangs. Six of them are Hispanic gangs, three are predominantly for whites and two are for blacks. These groups have spread their tentacles to all other states where they are referred to as disruptive groups by Federal Bureau of Prisons (Fong, 1990).

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The Federal Bureau of Prisons is continually identifying prison gangs and assigning them the title “security threat groups. In a 2004 prison gang survey carried out by Prof. George Knox, 4 out of 5 Americans believed that federal prison agencies need to do more in order to investigate as well as prosecute organized prison gangs as well as other security threat groups within the country.

Provision of tuition support to prison staff members has been one of the strategies that the Federal Bureau of prisons has been employing in order to try and deal with the problem of organized gangs especially when it comes to maintaining law and order within prison environments. In a bid to deal with these gangs, some prison authorities have devised a classification system that puts into consideration memberships to certain groups, legal or illegal. This sems like a rather disturbing revelation as indicated Prof. George’s report and should therefore be investigated further.

The survey, entitled: The Problem of Gangs and Security Threat Groups (STG’s) in American Prisons Today: Recent Research Findings, 82 percent of all the people surveyed said that transferring gang members and leaders to institutions with higher security was the best way of dealing with prison gangs.

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The federal government has been instituting legal provisions that allow for withdrawal of privileges from inmates who belong in these gangs or who are caught engaging in any form of gang-inspired misconduct.

How gangs affect administration and management

When prison gangs hurt entire societies in the streets, the blame lands square on the state and federal administration. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has had to make new laws in order to pave way for new restrictions to be imposed on inmates who belong in gangs that commit crimes both within the prison and out in the street. Staffing resources have had to be increased in order to increase the capacity by the administration to deal with the escalating gang prooblem.

Additionally, the federal administration has had to make changes to the existing facilities in order to make them in an environment full of dangerous and hostile gangs. These changes have been taking place at a time when more specialized training among prison officials has been advocated for in order to enable them deal with Security Threat Gangs (STG) as well as prison gangs.

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The federal government has also been forced to introduce additional services in all prisons in order to provide gang members with professional counseling services. Against this backdrop, the biggest demand by management of prisons has been the call for denouncement of prison gangs by all members and leaders of the gangs.

Although much has been done in the criminal justice system in order to deal with the street gang problem in California, the problem is evident in every corner of this wonderful state. New prison gangs that are extremely feared by local people continue to emerge, meaning that residents might have to request for more gang injunctions from the criminal justice department in order to get a sense of security. If a multifaceted approach is taken by all criminal justice institutions, this problem will be overcome in the foreseeable future.

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