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Terrorism World

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This essay will look at the operations of the homeland security management system with respect to the policies which have been instituted to fight terrorism. The essay discusses these policies in the perspective of Al Qaeda: a terrorist group which has been quite consistent in attempting to carry out terrorism within the U.S. boundaries. The paper starts by showing the mechanism of operation of the Homeland security management system which operates through four phases purposely to ensure that effectiveness is achieved. This makes it a highly dynamic body with an ability to make multiple changes in an attempt eliminate terrorism activities. The paper will proceed to discuss a sample of the policies which have already been instituted. Keen attention will be given to show how effective the policies are with respect to terrorism groups, in this case the Al Qaeda. The paper will make some recommendation followed by the conclusion.

The U.S. faces threats from the terrorism world and as a result needs to come up with policies which ensure that its interests are safeguarded. Bush (2007) calls these threats “complex and dynamic.” He believes that the best way to face these threats is by understanding them. The author writes about successive concerted worldwide efforts which were manifested after the September 11 attacks on the American soil. However he is quick to add that a new challenge faced is that these groups are continuously evolving and coming up with new ways of attacking and inflicting pain. The author particularly associates the al Qaeda group with the new creativity ways of carrying out terrorism activities: “the most serious and dangerous manifestation of this threat remains al-Qaida, which is driven by an undiminished strategic intent to attack our homeland” (Bush 2007, p. 5).

The U.S. is faced with constant threats of being attacked by terrorists. This threat is made more daring by the fact that the terrorist groups keep on adapting more and more elusive ways of planning their attacks. Adapting new creative ways of carrying out terrorism activities make it hard to speculate on what they are to do and how. This creates the necessity to understand their ways of operations.

Buy custom Terrorism World essay

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