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Law Enforcement

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The world has in the last couple of months gone through a very tough phase with the recession in The United States of America sending a ripple effect to other countries around the world. It has been difficult for people to maintain their lifestyles on the same salaries they had before while it is even harder for the majority who are jobless. Getting a job is no longer easy and it is made worse by the rise in product prices and the inflation that is spread throughout the world. This has led to numerous protests from people the world over and it has not been different here in the United States. As a result the law enforcement agencies have been having a tough time trying to ensure that peace prevailed amidst of all the demonstrations.

Occupy Wall Street are a series of demonstrations that were started by an activist group known as Adbusters in protest of the rise in living costs, corruption in both the government and the large private sector companies, and economic inequality witnessed in America. The protests are also aimed at the financial services sector and at lobbyist and they carry the slogan “we are the 99%” in reference to the gap between the wealthiest Americans and the rest of the populace (Grossman, 2009). These demonstrations have been held in over 70 cities around USA since the inception in mid-September, 2011. The effect has also been felt in other countries where similar protests have been held.

As a community, everyone is affected by the protests taking place all over the place. It is a tough choice to choose either to join the protests or to sit back and ridicule the protestors. This is because the protests are being held to demonstrate the pain of living today which is what we are all going through. It is therefore important that everyone should contribute to the protests in one way or another since they touch on our current situation. On the other hand, some people may find the protests to be disturbing and uncalled for since they do cause a great deal of disturbance. Those people who live anywhere near the areas where the protests are taking place know just how disturbing they can be. The level of noise is too high and the fact that there are hundreds of people walking around means that there is also a heightened level of insecurity since the protesters are not screened to enter the parks. As such the neighboring community is affected since even businesses closed on the days of protests mainly due to the retailers fears of riots and consequent looting.

The government has been on recovery mission to try and reduce the inflation rate that has been a contributor to the protests. Other stakeholders like the financial sector companies have also gone silent or are trying to reduce their lending rates to enable the people who had taken loans especially for their homes to retain them with new repayment plans. The results to such protests need to be felt for the protesters to cease their protests and it is therefore clear that the protests are here to stay since the economy is still recovering albeit slowly. The government and other companies are also witnessing further losses when the businesses remain closed during protests and more and more people join them leaving their work stations unattended.

The police have had a herculean task of maintaining order throughout the protests. In New York, there has been a police officer tasked with advising the protesters on the ways they could keep away from being arrested and assisting in giving any other information relevant to keeping the protesters within the law limits. The city has had to grapple with a sharp rise in the cost of paying overtime charges since they have been deployed to watch the protesters round the clock. In Oakland, violence broke out in the midst of the over 10000 strong crowd and police were forced to make arrests. Similar cases that led to the arrest of numerous protesters were reported in Portland, Boston and Denver.

The police have been overwhelmed by the large numbers of protesters who have been rowdy leading to the arrest of several protesters. It maybe the duty of law enforcers to maintain peace but in situations like these, the protesters become too rowdy leading to the police making arrests. In some instances, the police have been forced to use rubber bullets to shoot into the crowds to either disperse the crowds or to arrest some protesters. This obviously is not an easy task and is draining both physically and emotionally for the police. It has therefore not been easy for the law enforcement officers in their quest to offer their services to the populace whilst maintaining law and order. 

Buy custom Law Enforcement essay

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