Custom «Incapacitating the Terrorist Networks» Essay Paper

Custom «Incapacitating the Terrorist Networks» Essay Paper

There needs to be a long lasting solution to be issue of terrorism. The fact that these groups keep on uniting when they are disbanded calls for their incapacitation. The federal government and its allies are making attempts to deny the terrorists what they require to survive and operate overseas. The United States aims to uncover the terrorists’ hideouts away from the homeland. To achieve this, the government has made efforts to understand the trends, actions and events that take place on the land air, space and maritime (Bush, 2007, par. 14). This calls for the understanding of the daily occurrence of the activities. With such knowledge it becomes quite easy to identify any anomaly in the occurrence of events which could be indications of terrorist activities. This is made possible by the use of Intelligence led policing.

Is it possible to incapacitate the al Qaeda?

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It should be noted that as much as Intelligence led policing might be good strategy to understanding anomaly occurrences in the society; it might at times be not quite effective in curbing the spread of terrorism. The reason for this stand is the dynamism displayed by the members of the al Qaida. Bush (2007) believes that terrorists are likely to change their tactics of waging terrorism (par. 15). This should not be taken for granted because as knowledge is being dispersed it becomes possible for terrorists to understand the security systems. Furthermore, it can be simple for the terrorists to strike individually. These are just some of the challenges which are being faced by the government.

Still there are further worries about the ease with which some of the weapons can be devised. If we take the example of the improvised explosive devices (IED) the same which were disrupted in the 2006 U.K based plot to blow up some commercial airline (Bush p. 20). The terrorist do ot have to bother carrying around these weapons as they ca n be easily devised in the homeland. Is not possible to devise such weapons from the homeland hotels rooms? To answer that consider what Bush (2007) writes concerning their devising, “given the ready availability of IED components and the relative technological ease with which they can be fashioned” (Bush par. 20). This shows the vulnerability of to which the nation is exposed to.  

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Are the arguments above meant to demean the efforts being out forth by the homeland security measures? The answer is no. Actually, according to Carafano (2007) there have been 19 attempted which have thwarted by homeland security (check in the index –diagram II) (par. 3). The arguments above are meant, in fact, to strengthen the home land security system.  If you consider Diagram 1 below, the homeland security system operates in four levels which keep on switching as explained above. The homeland security system should use these facts to make improvements in its operations. The department should engage more intelligence agents from outside America to enable it fight terrorism. The nations of the world should view terrorism as a common enemy of peace and therefore pool resources especially intelligence reports to enable the tracking down of the terrorists havens and also thwart any planned terrorist act.    

It will be of significant help if the government steps to the hideouts of the terrorist groups and uproot them. President Obama has taken initiatives to take the war to the safe havens of the terrorist. The president advocates for collaboration process to take place especially between the government of U.S. and Pakistan which is known to provide a safe haven for the terrorists (Eisenhower, 2009, par. 6). Eisenhower (2009) argues that the al Qaida leadership has crossed over from the Afghanistan to the remote parts of Pakistan. In these areas the group leeaders have been conducting training for new members and communicating with the rest of the group members (Eisenhower, 2009, par. 7). By uprooting these groups there will have no base to operate from hence they would have been incapacitated.

The Obama administration are on the right track though there are regions which are providing or can easily provide safe havens for the al Qaida group. An example of such a region is Somali. This region does not have a stable government and of late there have been so many cases of high sea piracy originating from this region. The Somali pirates have caused a lot anxiety to the ship plying that route of the sea. Such a region a region can easily attract a group such as al Qaida to settle in the region and use piracy as a means of getting money in form of ransom to achieve its objectives. The U.S. should prompt the UN to stabilize the region to avoid another breeding region for the al Qaida.

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Bush (2007) makes very far sighted recommendation on the terrorism issues. He believes that there is a need for the Islamic nations to teach ideologies which promote peace. Structure should be put in place to ensure that the ideologies are taught. Spreading of hatred literature should be put to stop (Bush, 2007, par. 17). This will lead to a new blood generation which harbors no hatred. There is a need for solutions to found or developed for issues which draw some tension between the western world and the Islamic states. Such issues include the boundary issues between the Israel and its neighbors especially Palestine.      

The fight of terrorism is one which requires a pool of efforts from different regions. The U.S. through its homeland security has made much effort to ensure that terrorists do not infiltrate the homeland region. The terrorists are quite dynamic and as such the security the need for security needs to be tightened.

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