Custom «Guns Law» Essay Paper

Custom «Guns Law» Essay Paper


There are several laws that pertains to the owning of a gun by a civilian in the United States of America. These guns laws are intended at enhancing peace, harmony and security amongst the American citizens, the laws helps the government in keeping a close registration and monitoring of the individuals who have these weapons and how the individuals are using them. The present Gun law has undergone through several amendments in the past in attempts aimed at restricting the numbers of guns that get their ways into the streets and into the hands of dangerous criminals, discharged military officials and criminal fugitives.

This is because they will use the guns in threatening / endangering the citizen’s security, freedom and peace in the country. Each state in the United States of America has its own “gun laws” that help the state in governing the ownership and transportation of guns in these states (Kluin, Para.11). The law allows guns to be owned by individuals that are above 18 years old and have to purchase the guns from the registered dealers and the purchase should be documented in federal form 4473 in order to ensure that the purchaser of the weapon is well known. This will reduce the cases of criminal activities in the county and at the same time help the government knows the exact numbers of firearms owned by civilians (O'Leary, para.5).

I tend to disagree with the Current Gun Law; this is because it isn’t that adequate to American citizens. The law doesn’t provide the American citizens with utmost security they require, but it instead exposes them to a lot of insecurity as a result of the strictness of the Gun Law that is biased on one side thus reducing the numbers of guns that are in the hands of the Citizens. At the same time providing different avenues in which the criminals are able to get access to these firearms that they will use to conduct there activities (Lott, para.2).

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The present Gun Law is not appreciated with the Americans this is because it has some shortcomings that make it fail in conducting its duties they include the restriction of the age limit of an individual to own a gun. Another reason that fails the law checking the family background and place of residence of an applicant, the law has also banned the use or owning of certain hand guns, the laws also denies the normal citizens their constitutional right of self protection. The law also prevents the exhibitions and sale of guns through the use of guns shows that are aired on the  Television channels.

The main discussion

The present gun law can be seen as the cause that has resulted to an increase in the crime cases that are being reported in the United States of America today. This is because the laws that are intended to protect the innocent American citizen’s ends up harming them as the laws are very strict and at the same time they tend to deny a lot of Americans who are eligible to own a hand gun with the opportunity of owning one. Thus denying them the access of owning the guns that the will use for self defense and protect themselves incase they are attacked (O'Leary, para.2).

The law has failed in providing the American citizens with the necessary protection this is because it has strictly maintained at applying strict measures that are necessary for one to own a hand gun; while ignoring certain factors that will help in providing the Americans with the necessary security they will require in order to engage in their daily activities. This is without being exposed to any insecurty of being casualties in the case of gun shootings or attacks (Booth, para.6).

According to a scholar John R Lott in his book tilted “More Guns Less Crime” he stated that the strictness of the present law will deny the criminals the opportunity of purchasing the guns in the legally known stores. This is because they will be afraid that their details will be taken and stored in a data base that will make it easy for them to be tracked down incase they are involved ion a criminal act (Lott, para.4). But this will not stop them in obtaining these weapons from different avenues that includes theft and other dubious means. From his own observation he has stated that the guns should be sold to every body that is wiling to own one without strictly scrutinizing individuals. This will ensure that the citizens are safe as compared to what the case is today as this leads us to the section where there is evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the present Gun Law and later on in the paper there are the recommended changes that are supposed to be done on the present law in order to ensure that the law best serves the Americans.

The advantages of the present Gun Law

From my observation I have concluded that the present Gun Law has got little advantage that it offers to the American citizens as compared to the disadvantages. The main advantage that the law has is the controlling the numbers of the hand guns that are owned by the normal citizens, this will basically reduce the numbers of guns in circulation. Thus providing a given section of the Americans with the opportunity of owning the guns this to some extent tends to ensure that there is security in the country (Booth, para.5).

The other advantage is when the law has provided as restricted age limit where one is eligible to own a gun and the recommended time for one to own a gun is when one is 18 years and over. At the age of 18 years an individual is mature and is able to make appropriate decisions.

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 The strictness nature of the gun law has also made it difficult for the criminals to easily access these weapons (Kluin, Para.15). This is when there are a lot of details that are disclosed to the licensed dealer when purchasing the guns and thus making it hard for the people with past criminal records to purchase the guns for their own or public safety.  

The disadvantages of the present Gun Law

The law tends to deny the Americans the freedom to practice there constitution rights, this is when the law tends to scrutinize an individual before he is given or denied the permit of owning a gun. This is by looking at an individual past background and place of residence this will provide people from less privileged backgrounds the opportunity of owning a gun as a result of their background (O'Leary, para.9).

The strict gun law has also increased to insecurity in the society this is because the criminals prey on the civilians with these guns in attempts aimed at stealing the Guns they are denied the opportunity of owning legally. The laws that are aimed at banning the use and owning some types of guns have made the numbers of the guns in circulation in the country to reduce drastically. Thus denying a lot of eligible American the opportunity of owning there own guns thus making them more vulnerable to attacks by the armed criminals (Booth, para.3).

Ways of improving the Present Guns Law

There are several stakeholders in this department that have indicated that the present Gun possession Laww is good, but it is failing in providing the Americans with the relevant  protections because some aspects are left out without being taken into considerations. They have argued that the government has failed in amending this law in order to accommodate all the people that want to own guns without being denied the opportunity of doing. At the same time ensure that there is a reduction of the reported cases of criminal attacks on the few innocent civilians that own the guns; it will also help in reducing the cases of guns that are lost through theft and hijacking (Lott, para.3).

 The law that is in use the moment is seen as the strictest amongst the other countries in   the world. But according to a recently conducted sturdy it is indicated that countries with strict rules will record a lot of criminal activities and killings that involve the use of Guns as compared to other countries with less strict Gun possession laws. A great example was in England which had strict rules that pertained to owning of hand Guns and fire arms; but despite these strict rules the country recorded an increase in the usage of the guns in homicides and criminal activities.

The strict nature of these Gun possession law will provide a booming business for illegal gun dealers who will opt to sell the guns to the criminals and the willing citizens at extremely high prices (Booth, par 3). This will to some extent deny the country the income tax from the purchase of these weapons. This at the same time will also deny the government with the vital information of the gun owner and thus make it easy for the criminals and civilians with the opportunity of misusing the weapons. This is by indulging in a criminal act without the fear of being tracked down.

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The other reason for amending the Gun Possession law will ensure that all the American citizens practice their constitutional rights without being restricted the opportunity of invading in their constitutional rights. There were several checks that were being conducted before an individual is issued the license of owning a hand gun; some of these laws bared some American citizens who were eligible were denied the license just because of their family background or even the place of residence (Kluin, Para.15). The laws should be amended in order to ensure that only people with criminal records and emotional/ mental problems are unable to own these weapons, and not an individual’s family background or place of residence.

The government should also lift the ban on other guns that includes semi-automatic handguns and assault weapons and at the same time provide the citizens with the legal right of owning a concealed weapon. This is seen as way that will increase the levels of insecurity in the streets but it will drastically reduce the cases of insecurity in the streets; this is because all the   criminals will be afraid of attacking their assailants who might be carrying guns thus reducing the cases of crimes in there respective towns and  cities (O'Leary,  para.7).

 In conclusion the present Gun possession law is very strict and it can be sighted as the cause of insecurity in our society today; this is because it has denied the eligible citizens to poses guns for self defense against the criminals. It is argued that with a gun a weaker victim will become stronger and able to defend him/ herself incase of an attack by a criminal; thus keeping the criminal at bay and can harm them. But with the strict nature of the criminal activities are on the rise the government should conduct some changes in order to change the current situation (Booth, para.10).

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