Custom «Global Intellectual Property Law» Essay Paper

Custom «Global Intellectual Property Law» Essay Paper

  1. 1.      Discuss the impact of Global Intellectual Property Law upon the Telecom industry and upon businesses

            Global intellectual property law can be described as a patchwork area where several national laws related to property ownership are harmonized. On international levels, this law applies on property trademarks, intellectual copyrights as well as patents for discoveries and innovations (Graham & Suthersanen, 2009). The trademarks are meant to distinguish various products and services in the market. Copyrights are awards to researchers and authors, to protect their work and give them an exclusive ownership of their work. Patents are given to individuals coming up with new inventions and improvements on existing innovations (Graham & Suthersanen, 2009).  

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            There are several impacts of Global Intellectual Property Law upon Telecom Industry and other businesses. Telecommunication has been affected in away that, there has been an increased rate of copying of documents and other programs on the internet illegally. Since telecommunication via internet has enabled the whole world to develop links; some individuals have taken advantage of this opportunity to engage in illegal acquisition of property and information (Gokhale, 2004). There is a big problem that has been created due to the global intellectual property laws, following the advancments that have necessitated sharing of information across the globe. For instance, internet users in the United States may be tempted to outsource certain information from other sites in foreign countries, which might have been illegal, if such sites were located on the US soil. By doing so, the users are actually violating the Intellectual Property Law on copyrights in the US. In this aspect, it is very clear that the Global Intellectual Property Law has affected the telecommunication in a negative way (Gokhale, 2004). It has become very difficult for the telecom industry to lay out strategies to avoid copying of information on the internet and violation of these laws. In the process, the telecom industry has found itself bearing blames, from different parts of the globe, as the main factor behind violation of the Global Intellectual Property Laws (Schechter, 2005).

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            The other impact of the law on Telecom Industry is in terms of costs. The law has imposed various costs and expenses to the industry in terms of upgrading their systems to meet the law requirements, and at the same time handle various accusations and claims from individuals, for violation of their intellectual property rights (Schechter, 2005). Many people have pointed their fingers to the Telecom Industry for failing to give maximum protection of their information on the internet. This has been a drawback to the Telecom Industry itself.

          ;  To other businesses, the Global Intellectual Property Law has led to delivery of quality products to the markets. For instance, the issue of counterfeits and generic products has been minimized thus enhancing availability of original products. For individuals engaging in research, innovations and other writings, the law has assured them of security of their work and this has given them a chance to earn and enjoy the outcomes of their duty (Hahn, 2006).   

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            The Global Intellectual Property Law has also had a positive impact to the Telecom Industry, since it has enhanced their service delivery. Establishment of the Global Intellectual Property Law was a great call to the Telecom Industry to pull up its socks and secure people’s property, especially those using the internet. These laws have improved the security and ownership rights for certain information on the internet (Schechter, 2005). Examples of such improvements are passwords on websites, email addresses, research publications, books, journals and other intellectual properties on the internet. Some of the owners of this information on the internet may require some subscription fee before accessing their information. This is actually a positive impact on the business carrying out their operations online (Hahn, 2006). Therefore, the wake up call (laws) was actually a benefit to the telecom industry at long last.

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