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Civil Rights

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The concept of privacy in the current world is a product of many happenings throughout the years. The basic concept, however, should be based on the country’s constitution. For example in the united states, there are many occasions that people have defended their right to privacy using the term ‘their constitutional right’ sometimes they might get it right, and other times their context may be wrong. The issue that people do see at first is that the constitution was written a long time ago and so cannot relate to some circumstances. Things like current marriage debates; for instance, homosexuality and privacy in today’s technology settings will be in a grey area.

In today’s debate on privacy, certain issues come to the fore like journalism and its limits. Who gives a journalist the right to have intimate details on a person’s sex life? The question was posted in an issue of the moral maze during a debate on the limits of privacy. They actually do not have the right to do so but the person in question cannot stop them from publicizing it unless they obtained the information through illegal means. The other issue, which took a large amount of space in the privacy debate, about photos in public places.

An excellent example is the Princess Caroline case, where the court fortunately advocated in favor of privacy that the evidence was not orthodox in nature. At the same time, social sites have become another hot topic in the world of the privacy debate (O’Neil, 2008). For one, social advertising companies are campaigning for the release of private individuals on ‘Facebook’ and putting their information for public display in the name of advertising such as their friends and profile information.

Buy custom Civil Rights essay

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