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California Prisons

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This paper discusses the various ways in which gangs can be controlled and managed in California. The main issues that have been discussed here include a description of the problem, identification of the main prison gangs and their constitution, cultural framework, organization and its links with street gangs.

The causes of prison gangs has been listed and explained in great detail, while investigating the main reasons why this problem needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. Additionally, the gang problem is analyzed in great detail in order for a proper understanding of this perennial prison problem to be understood and solutions suggested.

An analysis of the prison gang problem is followed by an investigation into what causes this problem. The preventative measures are proposed. The paper also explains ways in which gangs exert control in Californian criminal justice system. This form of control is outlined with special emphasis being directed at the various ways in which the administration and management has had to effect changes in the criminal justice system so as to deal with the street gang problem. It turns out after a careful presentation, analysis and discussion of facts that a multifaceted approach is needed if the administration is to prevent prison gangs wrecking havoc in prisons.

The image of a street gangster is part of the American urban social landscape that is often romanticized in popular culture. In California, the gang problem in prisons is very deep-rooted. California prisons are full of gangs that commit assaults and murders across prisons in the state. These gangs are often in rivalry with one another. Some examples of these gangs include The Nuestra Familia, Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood and Black Guerilla Family. The Nuestra Familia are arch enemies with Mexican Mafia.

Most of these gangs originate inside prisons, where they have a base that facilitates crimes outside prisons. Traditional prison rackets involving prostitution, drug trafficking, extortion and gambling. For the past decade, the California Department of Corrections has been trying to identify the leaders of different gangs and then isolating them into designated wings. This policy has been rather successful in reducing cases of violence that some years ago had become rampant and uncontrollable.

However, members of California gangs are still wrecking havoc through stabbings, murders and assaults within the California prison systems. In addition to this problem, the ‘lock down’ policy has been raising many liberty issues for a very long time.

Buy custom California Prisons essay

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