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War with Spain

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The Spanish-American War took place in 1898. It was a short-lived conflict between United States and Spain. This War was an indirect consequence of Spanish policies in Cuba. The immediate and the underlying causes were however various.

Immediate and Underlying Causes Spanish-American War

The sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana harbor is one among the immediate causes of the War Spanish-American War (Streich, 2009). The cause of the explosion was never clearly established and proven. However, it was, to a large extent, attributed to Spanish mine by the American press. The exaggerated reports about the events that unfolded in the wake to the War also fanned the War. The news reports quickly interpreted the War as an attack on U.S. by Spain.

The U.S. was very determined to protect its business interest in Cuba.  It therefore joined the Cuban rebels against Spain to fight for their independence. This was the major underlying cause of the War. The U.S. pursued this interest by supporting the Cuban rebels to get independence from Spain (Streich, 2009).  The Cuban insurgents won the sympathy of America. However, U.S. intervention worsened its relationship with Spain. The U.S. was greatly moved owing to the fact that it incurred heavy losses in terms of its investments in Cuba due to the guerilla warfare. This thus pushed the U.S. to rise against Spain.

Spanish-American War “a Splendid Little War”

The U.S. Secretary of State referred to the Spanish-American conflict as a “splendid little war.” This was partly because he considered the War to be unnecessary since there were diplomatic options of ending the War and Spain had also made several concessions to end the War. However, this statement was also made out of the fact that U.S. was rising to be the world’s super-power. Confronting the Spanish to give the Cuban rebels their desired independence was therefore a simple task that only called for declaration of War against Spain. 

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