Custom «United States History» Essay Paper

Custom «United States History» Essay Paper

The United States stands as one of the acclaimed nation that is run democratic principles. In fact, the United States is in the forefront of advocating for democratic leadership in all spheres of leadership around the world. While the United States may be keen to see that democracy prevails in all nations in the globe, the road towards democracy was not an easy one. In addition, social and economic growth was also experienced in the United States which has shaped the role that it plays in influencing the world.  However, the realization of present development in the United States was not achieved overnight. Instead, it was a struggle by institutions and key figures that pushed for the development of political, social and economic reforms which made the United States experience significant changes. To specific, the period between 1879 and 1968 saw the formation of civil rights movement, passing of the Monroe doctrine, participation of women in the Electoral process and the streamlining of financial system in the United States.

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The role of Unions in the Streamline labor industry in the United States cannot be underestimated. While there are present labor industry is far better placed, this was not the case during the 1880s. Nonetheless, the role of labor organization like the Knight of Labor marked a significant moment in the American history were civil movements took root.   According to Brenner, Day and Ness (2009), it is reported that the Knight of labor organized guild of workers into going on strike to protest for improved terms of employment. The role of such institutions marked the growth and improvement of workers welfare which improved social standing of workers.

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Another significant landmark in the American history was the passage of the Monroe doctrine. In 1823, the Monroe doctrine was passed which warned the western powers from attempting to colonize the any of the nations in the South America or North America (Meiertöns, 2010). With the passing of Monroe doctrine, the United States experienced a considerable period of nonwestern influence which contributed to a period where the government placed efforts to develop itself rather than taking care of foreign policies.

Apart from the named events, the participation of women in the electoral process cannot be overestimated. Before 1920, women in the United States had no right to take part in the electoral process. This greatly hampered the growth and development of democratic rights being that women were locked away from exercising their political rights. However, the women Suffrage movement succeeded in the push for women rights in the voting process. Mead (2004) believes the participation of women in the electtoral process marked a struggle that had alienated women from the political circles. Soon, women started to vote and be voted into office but other women who rallied behind their cause.

At the turn of the 1900, the economic systems of the United States were in complete disarray. Numerous forms of currencies were in circulation with nearly every institution making their own money. This situation complicated the process of trade as well as weakening the confidence on the financial system of the United States. However, the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank allowed the introduction of control and standardization of the financial systems. Since its inception in 1923, the Federal Reserve Bank has managed to establish the economic standing of the United States above other nations in the whole world.

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Evidently, the period between 1879 and 1968 was marked with significant events that shaped the history of the United. Labor Unions such as the Knight labor shaped the labor movement and the Monroe doctrine allowed the United States to have peace from the lack of interference from the West. Moreover, the role of women suffrage movement worn the voting right of women allowing them to take part in voting process. Most importantly, the institutionalization of the Federal Reserve Bank allowed the development of stable financial environment in the U.S.

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