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The West

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Western Civilization refers to cultures whose origin is in Europe. Therefore, when we refer to the West, we describe European countries and their culture. Some of the major ideas evolving from Western Civilization include: technology, political systems as well as cultural, religious, social beliefs and values. In addition, some of the evolving ideas have highly influenced the world that includes the following: Christianity especially the Roman Catholic, political systems, and cultural values as Europe culture was rich in philosophy, scholasticism as well as mysticism. These ideas have been adopted in other parts of the world. Western Europe has gone through a series of leadership starting from Emperors and kings to the modern day forms of government (Barzun, 2000). Democratic, autocratic and military forms of government among others originated from Europe and spread to other parts of the world. Moreover, most economic ideas also evolved from Europe.

When studying Western Civilization, one is likely to ask him or herself the following questions: what are the effects of western culture to other parts of the world?, how did Roman classical and renaissance in Europe affect them?, what impact did biblical Christian have on people’s thinking, cultural values and beliefs? , why did the Western Civilization since 15th century dominate the world? (Barzun, 2000), has the modern civilization in Europe been overtaken by the rest? , how did medieval ages influence civilization across the entire Europe?.

With these ideas in mind, one can easily analyze any reading materials regarding western civilization. One can easily fathom the roots of western culture to the modern civilization in Europe as well as the sequence of events (McClellan, 1999). Civilization began in Europe in medieval period before renaissance swept across the entire Europe. Therefore, when analyzing western civilization, it is advisable to trace it since the medieval period. Thus, the west has been able to influence and lead to civilization of other parts of the world. Nevertheless, Western Civilization has also affected some cultures negatively especially in the 21st century.

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