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The 35th President

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This is one of the most controversial cases in the history of modern American, the question is whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the shooting of Pres. John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963 or had he conspired with other, was he serving as Cuba's Fidel Castro’s agent himself American assassins’ target?  Or in squeezing that trigger of his carbine he was undertaking some tremendous "dirty trick" for a CIA restless to do away with a president whose belief in the "company" had already evaporated in the Bay of Pigs fiasco wake? Or was he in lieu of a group of the Teamsters Union, Cuban exiles, the Mafia? Certainly, was Lee Harvey Oswald the one who killed JFK? Or was it a double impersonating Oswald? These questions have continued to nag a lot of people for more than a decade and a half following that horrifying day in Dallas, in spite of the 26 in number volumes of exhibits and hearings served by the congressional investigations, the Warren Commission, the release of the classified FBI documents.

In the event of the assassination of John F. Kennedy our 35 President, the evidence suggests there wasn’t involvement of another shooter besides Lee Harvey Oswald. This paper is committed to debunking the mass of disinformation and misinformation surrounding the JFK murder, in support that there was only one killer and that wasLee Harvey Oswald.

Buy custom The 35th President essay

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