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National Liberation Front

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The greater part of the population in Algeria was composed of the native Arabs as well as the Muslim faith Barbers. There was also a considerable proportion of the settlers whose origin were the European regions and most of them were Christians as well as Jewish. Prior to the time of the invasion, Islam happened to be the existing religion dating back from the time of Arabic invasion. Christianity was later introduced by the French which proliferated in a fast manner to become the major religion in the country. This resulted to the creation of a break up between the Algerians affiliated to Christianity from the ones who were affiliated to Islam (Aussaresses, 2006). Colonization was also responsible for the creation of duel personality in as far as Algeria was concerned

Most of the posts of administration had been taken up by the French there were great disparities between the standards of living of settlers in comparison to those one of the natives. This was also a major factor that was responsible for the widening of the chasm that caused a separation of the two communities. At the time that the combatants of Algeria who took active role in World War 2 in the context of the framework of the “Free French Forces” and also in addition to the ones who participated in Indochina war came back home, they rejected to belong to the citizens of second class category while at their own country. This was the starting point for the onset of nationalist movements that at the time existed in a state that was more or less latent to initiate the perpetration of actions resulting to violence (Maran, 1989). At that particular time prior to the war, in France, there occurred a high level of opposition in as far as the conflict was concerned in consideration of the majority of the population segments with specific reference to the leftis, whereby “French Communist Party” which was at the time the most strong political party in the country, offered its support to Algerian Revolution. A high number of the conscript’s relatives in addition to the reserve soldiers endured great extent of pain in addition to losses. There were also torture revelations in addition to the random brutality by the army to the populations of the Muslims. This was a cause of the escalation of proliferated revulsion in addition to the noteworthy constituency that propped up the principle allied to national liberation. There also an increase in international pressure that targeted France with respect to giving independence to Algeria. (Windrow, 1997).

As a result of the support that was given to ‘National Liberation Front’, F.L.N., by a variety of the neighboring countries which played the role of being their sanctuary as well as supplying them with the arms as well as the ammunitions, a secret organization was created by F.L.N. this initiated the rallying as well as the elimination of the political rivals with the use of persuasion techniques in addition to the terrorism acts leading to the formation of the armed wing, the A.L.N, that later was involved in the engagement of the intensive operations of the military against the force of the French that were stationed in the land of the Algerians.

Buy custom National Liberation Front essay

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