Custom «Mental State after War» Essay Paper

Custom «Mental State after War» Essay Paper

Mental state is that psychological state which indicates the mental health status of an individual as he carries his day to day activities.

The main aim of this essay is to describe the mental state of the main character in the drama, ' The Man Outside' Beckmann and the kind of state the world in after the war.The play describes the return of a hopeless soldier known as Backmann who come back to his country after being in the war field in Russia, to the disbelief of this character he finds that he had lost his home , wife and in addition his beliefs and illusions. Beckmann find himself in a situation where every door is closed for him in respect to his life. The play brings a situation where even the river is rejecting his attempts to commit suicide. The play come to an end with what it can be said to be Beckmann's death.

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From the above brief description of the play, some psychological character developed in Beckmann immediately after his return from war in Russia to find everything that he had owned was no more. One of the new mental states of Beckmann after the war is dreams, this come as a result of his attempts to commit suicide in vein. In this dream he finds himself floating in river Elbe. The river turn to be motherly figure instead of washing him a way where this motherly figure discovers that Beckmann is making an attempt to kill him but laushes out, patronizing him from committing suicide. The mother figure calls him in a fainted heart and tells him that she will not give him a chance to kill himself. This dream ends with him washing the sand. This dream reveals to the kind of life that Beckmann has to live that is  full of pains and mental problems. This gets him to a point where he even cannot have peaceful nights due to constant dreams that come to him every night after his attempt to commit suicide failed.

In scene one another mental character of Beckmann comes out and that is annoyance. We a person who introduces himself to Bechmann, but instead of him being polite Beckmann says that he is 'yes-sayer' he end up telling the man to leave. This show that the war had negative mental effect on Beckmann where his ability to interact with other people is greatly affect by the loss of his home and wife. Another character that we see in him is that of sadness after the war. This is revealed to us by the girl in scene two who turned by offering some help to Beckmann, the girl gives him dry clothing and helps him to get some warmth. The girl at first explains that the reason behind her help was due to the fact that Bechmann was wet and cold, but later she admit that she helped him because he somehow looked innocent and sad. The reason behind his sadness can be attributed to what happened after his return from the war front n Russia, to his sadness Beckmann come to realty with the hard truth of the loss of his home and wife which was hard for him to bear.

Scene two of the play shows another mental state of Beckmann where he lost the interest of being alive and he attempts to commit suicide for a second time in vein. After the help that he gets from the girl, Bechmann follows her to where she lives and he finds out the girl's husband was also a soldier like him. We see the girl laughing at him due to the gasmask goggles that was wearing, because it did allow him to see the world as blurry and grey. The girl say that her husband come back from war in crutches as a result of a military command given by sergeant Beckmann that why he had lost his leg. This revelation hunts down him to the extent of that he goes back to the river for another attempt to commit suicide. The war had an effect on the mental state of Beckmann where he is not at peace with what happened during the war and even after the war, the solution at his disposal is to try and commit suicide in order to run away from these realities.

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In scene three we see another state of Beckmann's mental state where he blames the colonel for what happened during the war. He talks to the colonel about the various nightmares that he had to endure each and every day. He describes dreams where man is running sweating blood. Beckmann tells the colonel that all the dead men throughout the history are there and he is among them looking sickly, somehow discolored and this men keep on shouting out his name. This scene reveals the torture that Beckmann is going through due to the men lost under his command during the war period. This mental torture makes Beckmann to go to the  extent of blaming the colonel of all the men lost during the war. It can be concluded that he is blaming the colonel as an escape to the fact that those men lost their lives under his command, he is doing this in an attempt to find peace with his soul for what happened during the war.

Basing my argument on the above mental character of Beckmann after the war, it can be concluded that he is emotionally unstable due to what come of his life after the war. This state of his mind can be attributed mainly to the fact that he lost all he had including his wife and home. This situation is what brings backs what happened during the war to him due to the loneliness and sadness brought about by these facts of losing everything that he valued in life. All attempts to commit suicide, to keep away from people and putting the blame of the lost men during the war who were under his command is just an attempt to find peace for his soul. The post war effect affects him negatively mentally and socially.

On the other hand, our focus now turns to the kinnd of state the world is in after the war as described in the drama, ' The Man Outside'. First people in the world are in pain due to the loss of their loved one during the war. This is shown by the kind of pain that Beckmann has to undergo after the war where he lost his home and wife as a result of the war. The pains are to much to bear for others that they even go to the extent of taking their lifes due to the agony. The state of the world of the war can be described as the place where many are in pain fighting to come with terms with what they lost during the war.

Another state of the world after the war as revealed by the drama is loss of property and lives. This is clearly shown by what Beckmann lost during the war. He comes home to find that he had lost all that he valued in life, his wife and home. We see him having nightmares as a result of many soldiers that were lost during the war. This shows that the war had negative effects on the dweller of the earth where they had to lose them loved one and property as a result of war. They people are affected economically and emotionally due to these losses brought about by the war.

The war also brought the world in a state where many people handicapped physically and mentally as the result. This is described to us by the physical handicap state of the girl who helped Beckmann. The girl narrate to him that her husband lost a leg during the war. This acts evidence that many people in the world did end up being handicapped physically where some lost their legs, hands, eyes among many other parts of their bodies. This show the world in a state of coming to terms with the pains of the war which resulted to the physical handicaps of some of its members.

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Finally, the world is in a state of the blame game for what happened during the war. This state of the blame game is seen in the play where Beckmann goes to colonel house and blames him for all the people that died under his command during the war in Russia. The author of the drama main aim in this scene is to bring out the theme of the blame game that always comes as a result of war. This is the case in the world where people are always in the blame game for what happened in the war. Some place their blame on their seniors for the loss of their friend in the war front and loss of property.

The conclusion that can be derived from the mental state of Beck and the world after the war was brought on the play; ' The Man Outside ' shows that all the people all over the world should live in peace and harmony. The author discourages the world population not to go to war with each other by showing the costs of the war in his drama. The author shows that the war brings about mental torture, loss of loved one, property and enemity between various people and nations.

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