Custom «Lee Harvey Oswald» Essay Paper

Custom «Lee Harvey Oswald» Essay Paper

President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas 46 years ago on November 22, 1963 by assassins' bullets. Whenever that awful day comes to memory, — Friday, November 22, 1963 —for millions of Americans, that was the very first time we had come across the murder of a president. When the smoke cleared a bit finally, and the people saw a bruised, gaunt Oswald in custody, many doubted whether a lone gunman who had fired an old, bolt-action rifle could have been responsible (Fagin, Stephen 18-23). As the Americans tried to digest this while mourning for their fallen president, Jackie, his beautiful wife, and their small children, other appalling events were yet to unfold.

There are several reasons to make us believe that only Lee Harvey Os was involved in President Kennedy’s murder. The Warren commission findings of 1964 came with a conclusion that Oswald acted alone and wasn’t part of any conspiracy whether domestic or foreign.  There is reliable evidence that the shooting in the assassination of Kennedy was done from a window on sixth floor of the Texas school of Book Depository Building, where Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle was discovered (Piereson, James 45-46). Several eye witness accounts claimed to have seen discharge of smoke from a gun out of a window on the 6th floor of the School brook Depository Building. Evidence that is reliable also shows that no more than three shots were fired at President Kennedy’s limousine, one of which hit Kennedy’s head, Another, passed through Kennedy’s neck and then through the wrist and  chest of Governor Connelly, and another missed (Piereson, 45-52).

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Oswald possessed the correct firearm type(Rodman, Peter 72). According to Warren commission Exhibit 399, a 6.5 mm Mannlicher - carcano bullet, was discoverd on a stretcher in parkland Hospital. The warren Commission confirmed that the said bullet had passed through the bodies of Connelly and Kennedy, shattering Connelly’s wrist and ribs. Found in the Texas school Depository was a bolt action 6.5 caliber Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, which had a telescopic sight. It was found out that Lee Harvey Oswald was the owner, having ordered by mail order the second war Italian rifle (Rodman 72). FBI tests confirmed that a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle could actually load and re shoot within 2, 3 seconds.

The warren commission came to a conclusion that there were possibly three shots and that it was the two hits, not the three shots that came within 5.6 seconds of each other (Rodman 72). The missed shot could have come last, or first, though it most probably came first, meaning that the gunma had more than eight seconds to do the shooting, and more than five seconds which was ample time between the two hits. Even with the miss coming between the two hits, there would still have been 2.8 seconds enough to fire and re-fire- enough time even for an amateur like Oswald used to handling gun.

The activation of neuron, ballistics, analysis findings this claim that the supposedly defective riffle had  fired the bullet that deposited lead in the wrist of Connelly and also the one that hit Kennedy in the skull. That weapon must have been used by someone very effectively(Baird Shuman 23). Oswald scope together with his training was sufficient enough to carry out the said assassination with no much difficulty. However, critics say of the riffle as one of the worst military weapons in the world.

The case for multiple assassins usually consists of three main lines of argument:

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1) That there wasn’t enough time for one gunman to have done all what Oswald is said to have done.

2) Compelling ear and eye witnesses together with photographic testimony puts a second gunman on this fabled grassy knoll;

3) The evidence found through Kennedy’s wounds and his body’s reaction to the shots establishes that there was more than one assassin. A lot of the evidence of the   multiple shooters conspirators’ is thoroughly misinterpreted. Considering the issue of timing, there were possibly three shots and that the two hits, not the three shots, came within 5.6 seconds of each other. The missed shot could have come last, or first, though it most probably came first. This means that the gunman had more than eight seconds to do the shooting, and more than five seconds which was ample time between the two hits (Baird 54). However, critics dispute that the scope of Oswald was misaligned to a point that it would haven created a small roomfor mistakes even for a world class sniper of which Oswald wasn’t.

Were there really shots from the said grassy knoll by another assassin? Allegedly, compelling ear and eye witnesses and the photographic testimony puts another gunman on the fabled grassy knoll. However, the most important ear and eye witnesses Abraham Zapruder together with his secretary were on that knoll, on a three-foot high concrete pedestal overlooking the said scene and directly the whole area behind(U.S. News 56). There is no possible way these two could not have heard the gun shots or seen the two alleged assassins to their right front half way down the third-base line, firing two explosive shots(U.S. News 56).

The evidence on the wounds of Kennedy and the reaction on his body to the shoots establishes there being more than one assassin. The original autopsy notes had been destroyed because they had been covered in bodily fluids, but were copied before being destroyed. There are several reports claiming that the body of John F. Kennedy was altered; this is completely not accurate. There are also rumors that claim the doctors that performed his autopsy were not conversant with a gunshot wound which is also not true.

Several eye witnesses had seen Lee Harvey Oswald escaping from the Schoolbook Depository Building which is where according to reports; the shots that had killed John F. Kennedy were projected to have come from(Carter, Richard 6). A paper that had been used as a gun carrier was later found near the murder window on the sixth floor, and Oswald’s finger prints were found on it. The killer rifle, which fired the bullets and shells were later found on the sixth floor. Oswald’s palm and finger prints were found also on the brown bag and the card boxes that are used as a gun prop. Also, the two eye witnesses who had seen the gunman in the window had identified Oswald as the gunman. Oswald had left the building soon after the shooting; he had retrieved a jacket that was light colored and a pistol from his room around 45 minutes after the shooting(Carter 6). In another incident Lee Harvey Oswald was seen shooting J.D. Tippit, a Dallas policeman, in this case in there were twelve eyewitnesses who had seen the act(Carter 6).

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The warren Commission findings of 1964 showed  that Oswald had acted alone and wasn’t  part of any conspiracy was discredited officially by the 1976 House select committee on assassinations, which came with a conclusion in  1979 that there had been a conspiracy in all probability(Rubinstein, William 76). The report of WC has been said to be lacking in time and resources used in their investigations. This has led to the case being relinquished to the higher authorities, the FBI .The moment the WC handed over their rights to FBI the immediate reaction by the public was a dissatisfactory one and a sense of an inconclusive investigation had to be held.

To conclude, Oswald; 1) worked in Schoolbook Depository Building which was the only source of shots; 2) owned the one and the only gun used to carry out the assassination; 3) brought the rifle with him the very morning of murder; 4) was at the murder window at the time JKF was shot; 5) left the murder scene soon after the shooting; 6) shot an officer and then forcibly resisted arrest; 7) lied about important matters of fact when being interrogated. a

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