Custom «Jack the Ripper» Essay Paper

Custom «Jack the Ripper» Essay Paper

Murders related to Jack the Ripper happened in 1888. They were in and around the Whitechapel area in London. The victims were female prostitutes from the neighboring slums. Attacks consisted of sexual assaults, slitting of throats and abdominal mutilations. In addition, there were acts of evisceration (removing of internal organs) of the victims. Other distinctive characteristics included deep throat cuts, genital area mutilation, as well as progressive facial mutilations. Actions related to the Ripper consisted of 11 separate murders from 1888 to 1891. The victims were Smith, Tabram, Nichols, Chapman, Stride, Eddowes, Kelly, Mylett, McKenzie, Street, and Coles. Allegedly, there were other murders by the ripper (Cook 5). Majority of the murders were on weekends and in neighboring streets. Of these murders, there are five (the canonical five) that experts believe to be directly related to the Ripper.

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There were letters purportedly sent by the murderer to media houses. These letters helped police and public at large to figure out the identity of the Ripper. The majority thought that the killer lived around the Whitechapel district because of the concentration of the murders around that area. Others believed that the killer was an educated upper-class man, a doctor or an aristocrat. The propositionof a doctor rose from the Killer’s tendency of evisceration. Other theories used to identify the suspects were the fear of medical practitioners, distrust of modern science, and inter class war between the rich and the poor. The suspects were Montague John Druitt, Seweryn K%u0142osowski, Aaron Kosminski, Michael Ostrog, John Pizer, James Thomas Sadler, and Francis Tumblety, among others. In my opinion, Jack the Ripper was Montague John Druitt. Montague John Druitt lived from 1857 to 1888. He was a barrister and an assistant schoolmaster. He died of suicide from drowning. Sources suggest that Druitt was a sexual pervert (Cook 15). We note that the murders by the Ripper consisted of sexual assaults, which point at the characteristics of Druitt. Besides, his mother and grandmother suffered mental illness. Thus, sources indicate that Druitt had an underlying mental illness (Cook 20). The nature of the murders by the Ripper is likely to be the work of a psychopath. Besides, his death by suicide came after the last canonical murder. This might mean that he killed himself in order to avoid arrest or because of guilt.

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It is unlikely that the killer was Seweryn K%u0142osowski or Aaron Kosminski. K%u0142osowski killed his three wives by poisoning. Jack the Ripper killed by cutting and mutilating. It is not usual for the serial killler to change his mode of operation in such a drastic measure(Cook 35). On the other hand, some sources identified Aaron Kosminski as the Ripper. Kosminski suffered mental illness and went in an Asylum in 1891. However, the sources refused to give evidence for the claims (Cook 37). Besides, Kosminski lived harmlessly in the asylum. His mental illness involved hallucinations, paranoia and a refusal to maintain hygiene. These are not the violent characteristics expected of Jack the Ripper.

There was the need for investigators to reveal further the life of Montague John Druitt. For instance, the company he worked with had recently fired him. There was no establishment of the cause of the dismissal. Besides, there was the need to match Druitt’s fingerprints with that of the supposed killer. Moreover, Druitt’s whereabouts during the time of the murders needed establishment. This information could corroborate the scant evidence that led to the suspicion of Druitt.

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Modern technology and techniques could resolve the mystery of Jack the Ripper. For instance, technology could allow the matching of fingerprints. Besides, Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) profiling could successfully exonerate or incriminate the suspects. If Jack the Ripper killed today, technology would trace him with ease.

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