Custom «Interracial Relationships» Essay Paper

Custom «Interracial Relationships» Essay Paper

In logic arguments, defining terms is necessary in the sense that readers are able to follow the argument from the word go. In this argument, there are technical terms such as interracial, relationships and bigots. The term interracial can be defined as anything happening between persons of different races, e.g. a white person and a black person, An Indian and an American. Relationship refers to a manner in which various people or issues are connected either by blood, work, situation or emotions. Bigot is a term used to refer to those people who regard their own faith as unquestionable and that any differing opinion is wicked as well as unreasonable.

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This paper will present an argument in relation to a married man named Abdul Kalam, who has two daughters. He is an Asian or Indian to be specific with a strong cultural belief. The man holds strong beliefs that interracial relationship is wrong both morally and religiously. His first daughter fell in love with a black boy and when she introduced him to her parents, there emerged a horrible drama. Her father told her right on the face that it was over his dead body that they would get married. The younger daughter after watching this closely realized that her relationship with a white guy, which had become intimate wouldn’t work. She went ahead and broke up with her boyfriend, but her elder sister eloped with her black boyfriend. However, this was little to persuade their father to change his mind.

Past history has adverse effects on people’s present life. This means that any past interracial conflict remains in the hearts and minds of people for ages. Mr. Abdul’s strong belief could have some logical roots and therefore, it would be wrong to pass judgment with no considerations. If history is consulted, it would present the racial as well as discrimination that existed between Americans and Indians. This racial discrimination led to Indians becoming slaves and being brutally killed by the white Americans. Painful scars were left among Indians, which left interracial relationships at stake. Enemity exists between the two parties and forgiving is easier than forgetting. If this is the reason behind Kalam’s rejection of interracial relationships, then he migt be justified.

People are mindful on the future well-being of their children as well as grandchildren. In this regard, parents dedicate their efforts to make ends meet for their children’s future. This is the reason for parents working hard, investing and saving heavily with their children’s welfare in mind. Children born in an interracial family have identity problems. They have mixed colors and they resemble none of the parents. They are caught in a dilemma to choose on which side to identify them. They might decide to associate themselves with the race of one parent and obviously the other parent won’t take that lightly. Such children would listen to their peers and if they find that the race of one parent is being intimidated, they automatically disown it and identify themselves with the other race. In cases where the White marries an Indian and they happen to live in an Asian country, the children will be discriminated because of their color and appearance. Abdul’s perspective might have been based on this fact, which is logic and therefore, he might be correct in his stand on interracial relationships.

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Cultural and religious backgrounds have a role to play in interracial marriages. Spouse in interracial relationships may find themselves in problems while solving cultural views. Such cultural views sometimes involve family roles, financial management, children-rearing and emotional expressiveness. If one tries to understand where Abdul is coming from, it would be clear that he is worried of cultural confusion. When spouse from different cultural background move in together, they get confused on whose cultural values to uphold. With parents from both sides pressuring them, they find themselves persuading each other to follow one party’s culture. Similarly, children from such families get confused on what cultural values to uphold. Mr. Kalam might have foreseen this when he opposed the relationship of his daughters with spouse of different racial backgrounds. In addition, the normal marriage procedures differ from race to race and Abdul might have been scared of confrontations with parents of the other side.

Marriage involves lifetime interaction between families of both sides. This means that cultural ddifferences will be experienced by the two families as long as the couple stays married. Cultural values such as naming, gender roles and marital behaviors will always differ as far as the interracial marriage is concerned. There would be limited satisfaction in the marriage not unless the couple decides to live their own life away from traditions. From this point of view, Abdul is justified and maybe his perspective was grounded on the fact that his daughters might adopt a foreign tradition or do away with it completely. Furthermore, customs, norms and believes might pose a challenge to a married couple. Indians like living together in one house regardless of the family numbers. This is their custom that has been withheld from their ancestors. Americans like independence and would prefer to live separately away from family ties. Some misfortune befalls families without knowing since their parents might curse them according to their tradition without their knowledge. Such curses might be effective as long as the parents still uphold their tradition and the couple will remain affected until they realize and do as required. Mr. Kalam might have been protecting the tradition of his culture by denying the marriage right to her daughters.

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For an argument to be logic, it is important to recognize the provisions of those who think otherwise or contrary to one’s argument. In the case of interracial relationships, there are those who argue that love should prevail in all circumstances no matter how hard the situation is. According to them, cultural and religious background should not stand between two love birds. They argue that love conquers everything and that endurance keeps hope alive.

It is also argued that interracial couples are supposed to understand each other and come up with a stand on whose cultural values to uphold. This is because dealing with both cultures can be tricky especially in situations of total contrast. Solving family issues in such marriages is always through logic and not based on cultural background. This is none that Abdul Kalam could here as judged from his reaction. He seems to be a man who is loyal to his cultural tradition or someone with a painful interracial history.

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