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History and World Civilization

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The American civil war began because of the pressure by states in the north to end slavery. The pressure resulted from the conflict between the American federal government and eleven southern states that opposed abolition of slavery in United States. In 1840s and 1850s, Northern mounted a joint effort to revolt against the slavery, which was inconsistent with the Southern states aims. The revolt threatened the economic sustainability of southern states, which depended on the control that they had over slavery for economic growth. In the north, anti-slavery gained roots and the states increased their joint efforts in abolishing slavery. This strengthened further when Abraham Lincoln, a candidate against slavery, won the presidential election in 1860.

In 1860, the southern states revolted against the union to protect what they saw as their right to keep slaves. The Southern states, under the leadership of Jefferson Davis, formed the Confederate States of America. While in the north states, under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln, formed The Union. However, The Union had more people compared to the southern states; because there were a total of 25 Northern states against slavery compared to only 11 states that were determined to fight for slavery. In addition to the number of people, The Union under Lincoln had an added advantage over the southern states in terms of production and transport. This gave them economic power over the southern states making them more likely to win the civil war (Perman and Taylor, 2009).

In 1865, the southern states surrendered in their fight for slavery. As a result, slavery ended in the history of American under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln. Many people died during the war. About 620000 of the 2.4 million were soldiers. In the end, The Federal Union prevailed and the slavery ended (Walker, 2002).

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