Custom «Fog of War» Essay Paper

Custom «Fog of War» Essay Paper

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Cuban missile crisis almost plunged the world into nuclear war had United State resorted to direct aggression. Cuban military was mounting weapons ready to retaliation in case of attack from United States. Missiles were already in place that any sign of attack would have amounted to the onset of nuclear war. The Cuban missile crisis was very dangerous attempt of war. It was most risky moments in the human history. The soviet missiles were able to destroy the entire Europe. However, the United State missiles were hazardous since it was possible to strike the whole Soviet Union.  The Soviet Union, under the leadership of Premier Nikita Khrushchev, had gone further to increase the installation of more missiles in Cuba. There was a massive movement of troops, aircrafts, and ships that carried weapons. On the other hand, President John F. Kennedy has organized troops with weapons ready to launch an attack on Cuba which would have resulted into a holocaust.

The crisis began after U.S. learnt that Soviet Union was in the process of constructing missiles in Cuba. It was revealed that all the missiles that were installed in Cuba were operational. This implied that had U.S. launched an immediate attack on Cuba the result would hae been very disastrous and one that had never been witnessed in human history. Despite the short duration that the crisis took, it absorbed the attentions of President Kennedy and all allies. The most dangerous part of the Cuba missile crisis occurred on 27th October when a [email protected] was shot over Cuba. It is documented that at the height of this crisis, U.S. Navy were in process of dropping signaling depth charges on the submarine of Soviet along the quarantine line. A series of military document reveals the escalating danger in regard to the crisis.

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McNamara experience during the Cuban missile war transformed him with regard to disliking war. He asserts that misjudging the preparation of our adversary may cause a catastrophe which would rather be avoided. McNamara outlines that the use of nuclear weapons in war will lead to destruction of nations. This is in regard with the missiles of U.S. which were stipulated that would destroy the entire Soviet Union. He believes that war is not the best strategy for settling dispute among nations. The Cuban Missile Crisis was just minutes away from possible nuclear attacks.

McNamara believes that a sense of empathy is very vital in dealing with adversaries globally as well as locally. He outlines that the breakdown of Non-Proliferation Regime poses a great threat of getting weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists. He challenges the society to consider the aftermath of war, especially nuclear war, in the latter generations.

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One lesson from the life of McNamara refers to empathy with an enemy. He asserts that it was the presence of empathy that saved the world from a possible nuclear war which would have culminated to World War III. He further explains war can be averted if we chose to have the perspective of our enemy. This implies that we seek to understand the forces and motives behind their decisions and actions. He also explains that involving rationality in war crisis does nothing other than escalating the war. In his interview with Erris, he asserts that a combination of human rationality and nuclear weapons can cause unprecedented destruction to the world. He mentions the disagreement in Kennedy’s administration with regard to the best response for the two letters from the Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. He concludes that the advice of Ambassador Llewellyn (Tommy) Thompson saved the entire nation from plunging into war. He further explains that there was hidden tactical warhead in Cuba that could have been very destructive had U.S taken a step to launch the attacks. 

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