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Creating a Strong and Stable Kingdom

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Politics and governance is a subject that has been there since creation. There has been a need for governance in any social grouping of humanity. Governance is expected to maintain order in the society while at the same time ensuring justice for all. Hence there have been different forms of governance there has never been a perfect model. Each form of governance has its own flaws ranging from autocracy to democracy. Therefore, the setting up of a strong and stable government can never be achieved by adopting any of the past regimes. It will, therefore, be a combination of different philosophies of governance that can lead to the formation of a successful government.

Being a ruler who has just gained power over a large kingdom, it would be important to lay out the structures of governance in a democratic form. It is important to let people have a say in the systems that govern them.  This is basically a philosophy that is glued to the democratic concept. It is a case which is comparable to the Persians Empire in that, despite conquering much of the today’s Middle East, they treated people relatively respectfully, unlike the Assyrians did that. Generally, engaging people in democratic process gives value and respect to them.

To maintain a harmonious existence, it would be essential to acknowledge a diversity amongst people. It would be vital for me to accommodate everybody in the system based on both linguistic and ethnic values as was the case in the Assyrian and Persian empires. I am mostly confident that these aspects matter, if this large kingdom is to be maintained. This is the only way to cooperate with the subjects. Having respect for the local cultures and the creation of a multicultural government would be my main objective before stricter rules can be applied. It is not possible to meet the needs of everyone, but the majority group can be sorted out in such a process that invites the participation of the people in governance.

Well, I would not be very liberal through a democratic process. It would be important to establish arms that will execute the leadership like the Assyrians. The throne should be respected, since the human nature is sometimes uncontrollable. A militaristic arm of the government would work on well to deal with deviants amongst people. This kind of approach would help in setting a good example of how the contraveners of law will be treated. This will be an important aspect in maintaining respect and honor to the highest throne in the Kingdom. I strongly believe that a government without power is doomed to fail and thus ruling like an Assyrian in terms of military authority would be prudent. This is not to actually brutalize anyone one, but to make sure that people exhibit calmness and stay away from trouble.

State and religion were in most cases inseparable in the past. However, people have different beliefs and religious predispositions in the contemporary society. For this government, therefore, I shall separate religion from the government. It will take the form of a polytheist regime for purposes of giving people freedom and right of worship based on democracy. This will be of great help, because matters of religion have in the recent part negatively affected politics across the world. Free will of humans will be fully exercised but with limits. The limits will apply, because if all freedom is given, human actions would be destructive. Just like the Persians, people will have free will of choice and will certainly meet the consequences of whatever they choose to do.

Generally, this government will seek to serve the rights of the people of the land by taking them through a democratic process to choose their leaders. They will also be given the free will to choose what they want but with clear directives on religion, culture and laws of the land. A military arm will be used to restore sanity in the event that a person will be found contravening the law.     

Buy custom Creating a Strong and Stable Kingdom essay

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